Working vs Non Working mom - View as a working mother

Working vs Non Working mom – View as a working mother

As a working mom, do you get angry or annoyed when the non-working moms say “I left my career to raise my child.”?

I remember when my mom used to work when I was little; she was a nurse and only stopped working when she had a minor stroke. I remember how she coped with it, how tired she was, and how much work she does both at home and at her job. I would often get mad at my dad over the simplest things like whenever he would ask my mom to get him some water, I would tell him that why can’t he get it himself since it’s such a simple job. I have always had this ideal in which if my mom can work both at home and at her job then it shouldn’t be difficult for my dad to do the same. I still abide to that rule though and I hate the thought of the husband not doing anything at home and only work in his office or wherever he works in while the wife does both jobs; it’s just unfair in my sense.

Some think that once a couple has a child, the mother should be fit to quit her job in order to raise the child so that the child can “better” grow and develop cause what other way for a child to grow rather than with his/her mother, right? Well… That is not often the case. My mom has been a working mother and a stay-at-home mom and I am still not close with her, not even a bit, even my little sister isn’t. It just depends on how people manage, how the parents treat their child and how the child response.

Being a working mom doesn’t mean you don’t love your child as much as the stay-at-home moms, it just means that you love your child so much that you are willing to work in order to provide to whatever your child wants. I believe that working moms are incredible, they do so much in a day. The things they do like:

  • Going through work,
  • caring for the kids,
  • keeping the house in check, and
  • providing your husband’s needs.

They basically do all this and more with the thought in mind that they are doing this for their children. Most people don’t understand this and they tend to make things worse by causing emotional damage to the working moms. Saying things like:

  • “I can’t even imagine leaving my child in the care of someone other than me,” or
  • “My child and I are super close ever since I left my job to be a full-time parent,” and
  • “You are so selfish, thinking about your own happiness rather caring for your child.”

Working moms have to deal with this from nosy neighbors and more. Rather than just assuming everything and giving them the old fashion guilt trip, why not just understand and appreciate what they do. Being positive feels so much nicer and lighter than being negative.


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