Why you need to use humidifier

Why You Need a Humidifier at Home

Do you know Why do you Need a Humidifier at Home? No? Wanna know? First we tell you something about Humidifier. What is it? How does it work? What is its work? It is a device which provides moisture, whether in a room or in a building.

Humidifier provides comfort in winters especially. It can prevent us from dryness in the air, which causes irritation in body parts. It helps to get rid of dry skin. One can get comfort in cold or flu by using it.

Types of Humidifier

There are so many types of Humidifier, which are as below:

  • Central Humidifier – These are the most expensive humidifier but are best if you want humidity in your entire home.

  • Evaporators – Evaporators are less expensive than Central Humidifier, because they provide moisture only in one room at a time.

  • Impeller Humidifier – These Humidifiers are pocket friendly as well as child friendly. They create cool mists and there is no risk of burns.

  • Steam Vaporizers – These are also budget friendly and portable also but they are not child friendly because it can cause burns due to electrically powered.

  • Ultrasonic Humidifier – It has variety of prices according to the size. It has cools and warm both versions. Cool version is best if you have kid at home.

Why do you need to use Humidifier

There are several benefits of using a humidifier at home. These benefits are as follow:

1. It helps to prevent from Airborne viruses – There are approximately 85% of airborne viruses in the air, which are bad for health. Moisture (humidity ) has the ability to remove germs, viruses and these diseases. It helps prevent to spread the illness like influenza. So, the benefit is that Humidifier increases the overall moisture level in a room or house.

2. It helps prevent Snoring – There are many people who snore while sleeping. A favourable scenario is created, while you use humidifier. It provides you comfortable sleep as well as it can help cut down on your snoring. If you use a Humidifier, it will help your throat stay moist and prevent the irritation, which causes snoring.

3. It helps to prevent dry skin – Human body is made up 50-60% of water. In winters, when the weather is so dry, it pulls moisture from the body and leaves dry skin, chapped lips and bloodshot eyes. Using a Humidifier can prevent you from dry skin. It provides moisture in the air, which helps to reduce the dryness and itching in your body.

4. It prevents damage to wood – Dry air can also affect wood furniture. It can loosen the joints of chairs, It can crack the wooden floor. Wood also needs humid condition to be at its best. The doors made up of wood can change their size which makes them difficult to open and close. If you use a Humidifier properly, it will provide your home moisture which helps your furniture to look their best.

5. It helps your home feel warmer – Humidifier air is warmer than dry air. Humidifier has an attribute of having more water in the air, it evaporates sweat more slowly and leaving people feeling warmer. On the other hand, it conserves energy and saves money.

If your home or office has uncomfortable conditions due to lack of moisture,You need to think crucial about it and it will be a great decision to get a humidifier immediately.