Why don't parents allow their kids to play video games

Why don’t parents allow their kids to play video games?

Hey guys my parents don’t allow me to play video games. Is yours the same situation? Pretty bad right! But ever you wondered why this happens. Upon a lot of thinking I understood the reason. The truth is that they don’t have any problem for you to play video games but they are so caring about you. You know that sitting continuously for long hours and playing games reduces our stamina to do things. This will cause obesity and we will become lazy gradually. We must regularly do some exercise to improve our health condition. If you are lazy enough then go out and play games like cricket, football or badminton. This gives you the same effect of doing exercise. Sometimes parents won’t allow you to go outside too. The following will be the major reasons:

  • Academic Performance: This is the major reason why most of the parents disallow their children from playing video games and also outdoor games. If your academic performance is weak, then parents will insist you to study in that time. So make sure that your academic performance is good.
  • Health condition: If your health condition is not good then parents won’t allow you to play video games. Probable examples are weak eyesight, headache and sleeplessness
  • Energy Consumption: Most of the parents will be shocked to see the electricity bill after you play video games for a lot of time. This will make them think that you should be controlled from playing video games.
  • Interpersonal interaction: The interaction between you and your family or guest comes down if you are continuously playing video games. This will make them think that you will have a fear to talk in front of others and stop you from playing video games

See, all these factors affect why our parents ban video games. Playing video games is not an offence but how you make up with it is the important factor. Before you start playing video games keep a time limit and take permission from your parents that you will be playing video games at that time. They will simply give you the permission and you can play games without fear. If your academic performance is low make sure that you keep a study time table. In that the free time can be utilised for playing video games. This will make them feel that you are playing video games after a lot of studies. Likewise you can fool your parents. Now the most important thing is that you must handle your siblings because they are a vital factor. They may complain about you to your parents about the truth. So bribe them by giving chocolates or toys sometimes. This will make them praise for you and you could be more secure. So that was the tips for making your parents let you play video games. One thing you must consider that playing video games for a long time is bad for your eyes and may cause stress and headache as well. So make sure that you play for a short span of time.

So why are you waiting for? Go grab some video games and have fun!

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