Why do not USA parents allow their kids to learn spanish

Why don’t more parents in USA arrange for their kids to learn Spanish?

Learning more than one language has a lot of benefits. But have you ever thought that why don’t most parents in USA arrange for their kids to learn Spanish? It is often referred to as a second language in US. But most of the parents don’t like their child to learn Spanish simply because of less advantage. If we learn another language there should be an advantage. Since Spanish is a very out-dated language compared with English, most of the people like to learn French besides it.  If you want economic opportunity then it is better for you to drop learning Spanish as there are a lot of languages that a few Americans could speak. This will enable you to develop your potential in translation at various opportunities. We know that English is an internationally accepted language. Lot of opportunity is there for those who speak it fluently.

The Spanish speakers are also now moving on to learn English. The children prefer French as it is easy to learn and best teachers are available. We will forget the Spanish accent if are not getting in touch with it. The popular languages that are needed apart from English are French, Chinese and Hindi. These will allow us to communicate with people from various parts of the world. Lot of Spanish bilingual is available in market which can be made use of for those who don’t know Spanish.

The following are the major reasons why parents in US won’t make their kids to learn Spanish:

  • Lack of opportunities: Parents may think that there are less opportunities while learning Spanish and hence they drop it
  • Lack of knowledge: Parents may don’t know Spanish and it will be difficult for them to correct the mistakes. Better teaching assistance would be required
  • Lack of motivation: Friends and family members insist on dropping their kids from learning Spanish.
  • Comparison: If the neighbour child is not learning Spanish then why should I allow my child to do so? In this mentality they stop teaching them Spanish

Now we have seen that Spanish has a lot of taboos in US. But then also lot of people are learning it. Learning multiple languages is always beneficial for us. It is not feasible to drop some languages considering that there is no scope for it. Today or some other day this will prove to be useful. At least you must learn the basic practical usages of that language. Then you can mingle with various people across the globe. For learning a language it is good to watch movies in that particular language with subtitles so that you can understand the basic commands. You can improve your accent by talking to others in that particular language. In this way it is easy for you to learn any language. In my view we must not stop our kids if he wants to learn some language. We must encourage them to do so. In schools they provide two or three languages but it is better to learn a lot more. So pals just go and learn the language you want!!!!


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