Why do shower curtains move towards the water

Why do shower curtains move towards the water?

Well all those who have shower curtains in their bathroom must have noticed this thing. Shower curtains most of the time move towards water, generally hot water. Before telling you the reason behind this, we would like to tell you something about these curtains. Shower curtains are basically available at bathroom place and used near that portion of bathroom where people usually bath. It is mostly placed near the bath tub and showers. These curtains also act like partitions and give people their privacy while bathing. These curtains are not like those curtains which are used in houses; rather they are made up of completely different material. Most of the time different plastics are used in these curtains because water can never resist on plastic for long duration and hold qualities like wiping out.

So now as we have some idea about these curtains, we are going to tell you some of the problems you could face with such plastic shower curtains. Most of the people have been complaining time and again that shower curtains move towards hot water while they are having hot water bath. Here we are to solve your all the issues regarding this. We are going to tell you some of the unheard reasons behind this. If you want to solve this problem then you must avoid these reasons.

  • Air pressure difference: One of the reasons behind this is air pressure difference. As the pressure of inside changes with respect to outside, then movement can be shown in the curtains, no matter whether the water is hot or cold. Most of the times displacement in curtains in due to this reason as pressure inside may vary from pressure outside.
  • Velocity of water: Sometimes movement of shower curtains is directly related to velocity of water. If the velocity of water is very high, then the pressure would obviously decrease. This might be the cause of movement of curtains as well. So friends you must keep this thing in your mind that your bathroom must be spacious and curtains should be hung at distance so that they are not affected by the velocity of water.
  • Venturi effect: This theory can also be explained by Venturi effect. As we are quite sure that you are not aware with this effect that much, therefore we will tell you how it works. In this effect water stream cause the speed of air to increase, as a result of which air pressure decreases. The change in air pressure of inside of the curtain with respect to outside of the curtain cause the shower curtains to slightly move.
  • Bernoulli’s Principle: Another theory behind this can be of Bernoulli’s. Bernoulli explained the relationship between air and fluids. According to this the pressure of the curtain changes due effect of air and water. This can also cause the curtains to move.

Therefore you have got to know some of the scientific reasons behind this and you don’t have to make yourself worried about this because it totally has scientific theory behind this.