Why do Married Couples Fight so much

Why do Married Couples Fight so much

Hey it’s a great question! For the time being no one knows the reason. Sometimes there will be no point in fighting with each other. Both will have their own arguments. They are not ready to hear the words of their partner. After the fight they will realise that it was for nothing. The common reasons for fight between couples are as follows:

  • Complex: Both inferiority and superiority complex creates fight between couples. They might think that I have lot of other option than suffering their partners.
  • Loss of interest: Interest in relationship will be lost after a particular time period. Then both will be held to find with each other in order to be separated.
  • Hidden agendas: When we are doing something hidden from our partner it creates a doubtful mind in their mind and they may start fighting with us.
  • Misunderstanding: Lot of couple’s fights with each other due to this factor. Misunderstanding creates lot of problems and it is common.
  • Belief: Loss of belief in each other results in huge misunderstanding which eventually leads to fight.

So that was the reasons why married couples fight. We humans always think that we are the boss. We don’t care about others. What they think is not a matter for us. This mentality results in lot of fights in our families. So we must be capable of dealing such situations.  Following are some methods which can be used to implement when your partner always fights with you:-

  • Less talk: Most of the fights happen due to your tongue itself. The less you talk the less fight will happen
  • Listen: Always listen, what your partner want to say. Never pressurise them with your own thoughts.
  • Attitude: Maintain a positive attitude. Not to be in complex, selfish or aggressive mind
  • Caring: You must be very caring about your partner. Else they might think that you are having an affair and start fighting with you.
  • Help: Always be helpful for them. Help them in kitchen, washing clothes, cleaning etc.

If you follow the above methods the common fights can be reduced. Most of the time it won’t be your fault that you involve in a fight. Maybe it was your partner’s mistake. But make sure that you will never complain them for what they did. Instead you must make them realise that you were fighting unnecessarily. Like this some positive attitude makes your family life much better. After getting married, keeping your partner happy is a great responsibility. You should be very careful in handling various situations that may arise. There must be a good planning between the partners on how they manage to look after their family . Being in a good family will make your mind free and you will be always successful in your professional life too. Unnecessary struggles must be avoided. You must be very much open minded with your partners. It is a good habit to share your thoughts with your partners and hear their reviews about them. These suggestions provided by them will be a great asset for you. In this way you can lead a happy married life!


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