Why are stage curtains usually red

Why are stage curtains usually red?

Since our childhood we have been seeing that whenever we go for any stage performance or whenever we choose to watch any such performances, the stage curtains are mostly red. Most of us wonder what the reason behind it is and it is not funny to think about this, because I used to think this thing too. So here today we are going to tell you why red is the most preferred color for stage. You can see the stage curtains are red almost in any part of the world. Though red gives a very classy and attractive look but there are other colors as well which can be chosen. Isn’t it? So friends we researched about this a little you and today we bring to you the reasons behind it.

  • Red matches most performances: Though other colors can be chosen as well but mostly red colored curtains are perfect to match any performance. Red curtains give a royal look to the stage and also can been seen well while lightening is dim. Most of the directors choose red colored curtains so that they can attract people. This is the reason people find it difficult to take their eyes off the stage because red colored curtains are indeed very much attractive and royal.
  • Historic: This also has historic reason behind it, as since ages people have been using red colored curtains for stage performances. So in today’s time people are also choosing for red colored curtains as they are perfect for the background. Moreover when lights are turned on, red is the only color which glows the most and people find it amusing.
  • Traditional: Another most important reason behind it is that it is tradition. This is the only reason today’s generation is also choosing for red colored curtains for background.
  • Red being primary color light: Since red is the primary color of light, people choose red color for background. Red gives a perfect look when the lights are turned on. Moreover it is also the rule of theatre lightening as well that only red color should be chosen.
  • Fire retardant: Fire retardant cannot be seen that much on red. This also the reason behind the usage of red colored curtains on stage.
  • Perfect backstage look: Red colored curtains also give a perfect and spectacular backstage look to the spectators. As most of the stage shows are for spectators, so directors are highly concerned that spectators are very much satisfied and have good time while watching the show.
  • Blocking backstage: Red colored curtains are also best for blocking the backstage as the color is pretty much dark.


Therefore friends you have got to know about many reasons behind this. Red colored being used on theatre curtains has itself a theory behind it which is quite tough to understand as most of the people don’t even think of it. But for those who have noticed this thing and gave a thought to it then you have got the answer.