why are parents against homeschooling

why are parents against homeschooling

Hey all,most of you have seen that people are always against home-schooling. The major reason is that they don’t have the experience of home-schooling or they had a bad experience of home-schooling. I stated both because these are the major reason. Before I explain let me tell you why home-schooling is necessary. We have three kinds of children in our society.

  • One who are very good with studies
  • One who has practical knowledge
  • One who are weak in studies.

The one who are good in studies are mostly not suitable for home-schooling because school is the best place where they get more consideration. The other two categories are eligible for home-schooling. The children who are good in practical are able to catch more rather than mugging up in schools. We have the case of Edison and Einstein who were both weak in studies but were able to invent lot of things through experiments and home-schooling given by their parents. Some children are very different from these. They won’t be able to study or do practical due to some disease or external emotional factors. They will be always made fun of at the schools. So that was the need of home-schooling to them.

Despite of all these people are always against home schooling. Nowadays parents are more conscious about their children. They want them to be more intelligent than their neighbour’s child. This mentality has made children so suppressed that they are compelled to do everything by comparison. Without identifying the talents of the child, parents sent them for different activities. They want them to be studied at the highest paid schools. So who will be agreed to do home-schooling? Our society is the main problem. If someone wants to do home-schooling of their child, their friends demotivate them from doing that. With the fear of shame they will decide to send them to school. The result is that children are suffered a lot. In schools they are given a single target; to become first in everything. This input is given to child from the early stage itself. You say! Is it possible for everyone to become first? Simply impossible! Then why are you struggling your children to become first. This mentality should be changed. Most of the parents came to psychologists telling that their child is not normal, he is not able to score good marks, he is weak in cultural activities etc. The fact is that their parents are not normal. The time until you understand your child’s talents you should not compel them to do anything.

Home-Schooling can be done when you think that your child can’t follow the normal schooling. The normal schooling gives so many advantages which makes parents to prefer it.

  • Opportunity to mingle with people: Schools provide us the opportunity to mingle with people coming from various backgrounds.
  • Leadership skills: Schools helps us to improve our leadership qualities by doing group activities and controlling mates.
  • Time management: Provides space for improving time management by keeping deadlines for works.

This is the reason why people don’t prefer home-schooling. Up to some extent it is right but you must analyse your child in order to identify which is good for them. I said the facts; the decision is up to you. Both have their own merits and demerits. The thing is that you must be able to understand your child. Then only you can make a decision. So good luck folks!!!!


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