Quartz Countertops

White Quartz Countertops are a trend

Let us start with the initial and get to know about the quartz. what is a quartz– a quartz is an engineered stone . this is the reason it is said that a quartz is not a complete stone imitation. In the present time for making of quartz counters 93% ground natural quartz is required along with  7% polymer resin and pigments as per the research study.Quartz is becoming popular day by day because of its declining prices. It is getting popular rapidly due to its top collections from the top manufacturers.


1. Quartz is safer and stronger from scratches in comparison of a granite.                             2. quartz has resistance feature in terms of cracking.                                                             3. granite do not have a warranty feature but quartz do have.                                               4. Quartz is very popular today because of its looks.                                                             5. You can ind a quartz in every form whether in solid colors or imitation granite or in big gems marble styles and crystals.                                                                                          6.The key feature behind the popularity of a quartz is that its manufacturers can create any color which they want or as per the demands , which is not possible in others.                        7. In quartz you can find every profile as per the design of your kitchen either your kitchen  is in contemporary style or in modern and traditional style.

WHY QUARTZ COUNTER PARTS ARE POPULAR TODAY                          The following are the points which are making quartz popular in today’s time-                         1. quartz is a solid surface and hence a good investment from the point of view of resale for your kitchen.                                                                                                                        2. Quartz is cheap in comparison of granite.                                                                          3. As quartz is an engineered stone so it is uniform and without strange variations.                4. From the point of view of strength too , quartz is highly stain resistant .                            5. Quartz is safe from oils , liquids and most of the home cleaning products and it is not required to be sealed again .                                                                                                6. Quartz is more popular because it provides a wide range of colors for homeowners from common earthy tones to bright greens and deep reds .                                                         7. Quartz provides unbeatable value for its users.

what are present counter top trends

COUNTER TOP TRENDS- The trend which added value to the personality to your kitchen is counter top trend .If we talk about the poplar trend in the current time marble or quartzite are in popular trend . Apart most popular kitchen counter part trends –

a) Natural stone counter part trend kitchen- it includes marble , granite and soapstone and slate for kitchen counter part as in the trend in the current time.                                           b) Durable engineered stones counter top kitchen- as we know that quartz are man made engineered stones so they are going to be the popular kitchen counter top trend.                   c) Classic Butcher Block and Wood – could be the third preference for the kitchen in trend.     d) Stainless steel is getting popular for the kitchen counter top trends because of its good ability to spruce up the appliances. Apart this type of kitchen is durable and resilient of bacteria too.

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