which dress suit you best

Which dress would suit you best

If you are going to sew a dress yourself or going to buy, first you need to know which dress would suit you best? Every woman wants every type of dress in her wardrobe but not every type of dress suits every woman. Don’t take stress, either you are so skinny or so fat. Because every type of body has its unique style, whether you are a short woman, curvy woman, pear shaped woman or busty woman.

Now let’s see how the fabric, pattern, cut or neckline plays an important role, when you sew a dress which dress would suit you best or perfectly fit to your body.

1. If you are a Curvy Woman

You should select a dress that is flocked at your waste. It would appreciate your curves. You can also make a belt around your waste. You should just focus on your curves. Broad straps or sleeveless dress will look beautiful. You need to avoid thin straps. Neckline should be lower. Soft and light fabric should be used.

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2. If you are a Short Woman

Don’t worry, if you are short in height. Mostly, short women avoid these kind of dresses because these dresses are generally long in size. But if you wear heels, you can wear this dress. High waistlines dresses are best for short women or you can choose a slit dress. It will give you a fantasy of greater length. Neckline should be V-shaped.

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3. If you are a Pear Shaped Woman

If you have curvy hips and thick thighs, you should prefer a dress which is light colored at top and dark colored from bottom. You would grab everyone’s attention after wearing this dress. Your dress can be embellished at the top. You should use light fabric dresses with chiffon and lace.

4. If you are a Busty Woman

You should try either fitted maxi dress or wrap style dress. No need to go with strapless dress. Choose the dress style that smashes your shape to give a better look. Don’t choose the dress with frills or ruffles, it would add wholeness of the actual curves. You should use soft fabric with drapes.

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5. If you are a Small Bust Woman

If you have small bust size, don’t worry. You can select a dress with molded cups feature or a belted waist dress. It will give you a fantasy of larger bust. You can add pleat and crimp also. You should wear a two toned column to divert the eyes from bust. If you wish you can go through

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6. If you are a Boyish Frame Woman

Those women who are athletes or have a boyish body, no need to worry. There are many dresses designed for their body. You should choose A-line dress, it will give you a girly look. Don’t wear tee-shirts or tank dresses. You can also select a column designed dress with a narrow skirt. Pastel colors will make it more beautiful.

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So if you have positiveness in your mind, you can find a dress applicable for all body shapes. You can add Different types of accessories with your dress to give it more stunning look.