which dance is best for you

Which Dance Style is Best for You

When you talk about choosing a dance style, first you need to know in which dance style you are interested and want to learn. Dancing is a fun as well as a better way to develop your muscular strength and mental relief. Here are different ways to find which dance style is best for you.

Popular Dance Styles

As we know, not everyone can perform every dance in the same manner. So, you should know that, which dance style is best for you? There are many dance styles to choose from, which one suits you best.

Belly Dance

This is a traditional form of dance from the Middle East. Belly Dance is sensual and girlish. It is helpful in improving posture, relax period pain, waist pain and also good for abdominal and waist muscles. This is the best way to get your body in shape. This dance style is best for those women who want to add some spice in their life. Explore more to know the reasons every woman should belly dance.

You can learn belly dance just being at home starting as beginner and dancing as expert using 50 step by step videos covering steps from different angles using this belly dance videos.


Salsa is a courtship dance, which can be performed only between opposite sex. It requires strong glutes, abdominal, thighs and lower back. You will need good coordination with your partner and also good sense of music for salsa.

Learn salsa from home being at home watching 100 + step by step videos.

Hip Hop 

If you like up-to-date music, hip-hop dance is perfect for you. Hip-Hop Dance takes components of every dance style from break dancing to krumping. It is fast dance that gets your body moving and also your heart pumping.


Tap Dance

Tap Dance is a dance form described by a tapping sound that is generated from metal plates that are  metal plates that are associated with the ball as well as with the heel of the dancer’s shoe. There are some special shoes (with metallic sole) made for tap dance. You can also create music from tapping.

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Break Dance

This Dance Style has acrobatic and gymnastics components in it, therefore, it requires strength, skills and techniques. Master of this dance is called a b-boy, b-girl or breaker. It is also known as street dance.

Disco Dance

Disco Dance is performed on disco music. Some general elements of disco dance are side-stepping between bigger moves, large hips, raising your arms overhead and wiggling your hands on the beats.

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Pole Dance

Pole Dance is a kind of exercise that is mixture of acrobatics, gymnastic and dance also. It demands flexibility and upper body strength and courage also. It includes climbs, circular motion and limb grips. Therefore, it is a skilled form of exercise. Pole Dancing involves the techniques of aerobics to improve your control on the pole and also making you more efficient for workout.

You can learn Pole dance being at home watching step by step instruction videos.

Ballet Dance

Ballet is an interesting form of dance. It requires some qualities like high discipline, dedication and hard work. It is very smooth form of dancing. In Ballet, dancers perform many movements which are unnatural, but as the dancer performs, they look natural. Ballet Dancers must be able to float through the air or revolve on the tips of their toe.

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