Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2016

Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2016

This year will be very eventful for you. The planet of fortune, Jupiter will be in your favor right from January to August this year. On the 1st of September, you will be fortunate enough to experience a total eclipse in your sign. You are basically a very analytical person. You prefer finding logic in your dealings but it is advised that you understand the emotional aspect of yourself and your family. The way you deal with others will affect the inner part of you. Your well being is achieved by the contributions of others also. You need to study your expectations from your relationships. Money matters will improve from September.

Others will have a huge impact on you, unlike ever before. You will feel at ease sharing your needs and values with people who matters. But you need to be patient as well and hear what others have to say. Being too defensive can convey the wrong message. Just be sure of one thing, amidst everything, this year will change your life for the better. But you have to instrumental in this improvement by keeping your calm and by being careful and patient when you deal with others.

You will be feeling optimistic right from the beginning of the year but will be faced with obstacles from the month of January itself. Owing to the effect of Neptune in your sign, there are possibilities that one of your relationships will take a toll on you. This year will prove to be very fruitful for you as Saturn makes a very positive angle with Sun in your sign right from the beginning of this year and Saturn will enter and stay with Sagittarius for quite a few years from now. This will bring to you opportunities by way of number of quality conversations and communications with people.

With the favorable position of Sun and Saturn , all that you really want to achieve and want to endeavor, will be yours. If you are considering having a baby, entering into a partnership or even setting up a new business, this year will be a good year to go for it. Your stars are with you and if you can deliver what depends on you, your determination and commitment, and then you really have a long way to go. This year will be a landmark year in your life.

Venus, the planet of love and affection will enter Sagittarius and will be in a favorable position for you. If you understand the needs of others and deal with people em-pathetically, you are sure of reaping the rewards of being sensitive to the cause of others, in days to come.

Jupiter, the planet of hope, entered your stars last August and will continue to stay with you till the end of September and you will find it easier to demonstrate your individuality, your qualities and why are unique. However, you will have a difficult phase in November.

This year will be a mixed year for you with lots of opportunity cropping up.

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