Valentines Day Creative ways to preserve red roses

Valentine’s Day: Creative ways to preserve red roses?

As Valentine’s Day is about to come and most of the people are preparing to surprise their partner by gifting red roses, so here today we are going to tell you some ways by which you can preserve red roses. Most people want to preserve the roses which their lover has gifted them on Valentine’s Day. Rose is not just a flower for them but a sweet memory as well which has been gifted by someone dear. So lovers really want to preserve roses for a lifetime. Every time you see a bouquet of red roses gifted by your lover, you want to see his or her glimpse in those roses. You don’t just want the roses to look beautiful but long lasting too.

  • Using water: The best way to preserve the roses gifted by your lover on Valentine’s Day is by using water. By using water roses often remain fresh and long lasting. You just need to sprinkle some water on the gifted bouquet and they would remain as it is. So folks you don’t have to wait anymore. Go on make the bouquet long lasting.
  • Using silicon gel: Roses can also be preserved by using silicon gel. Silicon gel basically helps the roses to dry without destroying them. So you must purchase this gel from the market and apply it on the bouquet until it finally dries and get preserved for a lifetime.
  • Air Drying: The most unique way to preserve is to air dry the roses. You just need to keep the roses at a ventilated. Roses must not be placed in the sunlight because sun rays can surely destroy the roses. Air drying is the easiest way to preserve roses as it doesn’t require much of hard work.
  • Placing the roses in a vase : By preserving roses in a vase is also a easy way to preserve the roses. You just have to fill the vase with bit of water and then put roses in the vase, rest will be done automatically with time. For those who don’t want to spend much time caring about the roses then this is the best way for you.
  • Pressing the roses: Roses can also be preserved by pressing them in a book. This is technique which most of the people use to dry the roses. Though this procedure takes quite a lot time but it makes you remember about your lover every time you plan to open the book.

So folks you don’t have to worry any more for preserving the roses gifted by your lover. You can preserve them through any of the above technique you want to.  You can preserve them for as long as you want as per your desire. Perhaps these are the best ways through which you can let yourself remember about how much your partner loves you. Valentine’s Day is about to come, so just remember these techniques which you can often use. Best of luck!



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