utilize every inch of your rooms with fitted furniture

Utilize Every Inch Of Your Rooms With Fitted Furniture

Do you wanna utilize every inch of your rooms?? People nowadays are not satisfied with the space their rooms possess whether it be a living room or a kitchen or a bedroom. With the continuous increase in the needs and requirements of a human being, they are going after large spaces and spacious furniture to fit in. Unfortunately, freestanding furniture is not doing well as it should do. Instead of making rooms spacious, they look poky as soon as a piece of furniture is positioned. Most of the wardrobes across the country are bursting with shoes, clothes, accessories and what not. Are you looking desperately for more space? Fitted wardrobes are the boon for you!

They can solve your problem by making almost three times more space as that of freestanding wardrobes. The main difference between these two is generally the space between the furniture and the ceiling. Fitted wardrobes touch the room height making enough space for your requirements whereas freestanding wardrobes stop several inches away from the room height, thus making space for notorious spiders and other bugs.

Here is something more to learn about fitted wardrobes:

  • Search and Shop Around

Unlike earlier days, today you can choose from a plethora of companies which specializes in delivering pleasing fitted furniture items and also guiding about what will suit your room and personality. If your pocket allows, these companies can customize wardrobe’s each and every part as per your needs and style. No doubt, it’s costly but you get numerous benefits which justify the price.

Do not make hasty decisions, ask your friends and neighbors for good recommendations. Read online reviews regarding both the company as well as their products. Before hiring a bespoke furniture company, look for their portfolio and recent work examples to see how deep they go to create masterpieces.

  • What offer would you prefer?

Whenever you go on shopping for furniture, you come across different companies offering different deals and packages. Well, you do not have to consider every offer but list down some suitable companies and compare which one is offering a good deal!

Choose one that helps in taking things simple, gives nice advice and takes work from concept to completion and that helps you in designing and installation. If you are not good with colors, look for a firm that has good expertise in choosing color palettes for a room.

  • Wardrobe Doors Can Make a Difference

As discussed above, fitted wardrobes fill to the heights of a room. That means the size of the doors would be quite big. Not always as their size totally depends on the shape and size of the room and also, personal fondness. If your rooms are small, consider installing bi-fold or sliding doors of wardrobes so as not to leave much space for doors to open into the room space. Opting for mirrored doors can also make a noteworthy difference in the mirror will help in creating an illusion of a bigger room.

  • Be Fully Prepped

There are many things you need to keep in mind before taking a step ahead in installing fitted furniture, especially wardrobes in your rooms. Observe your room carefully. Determine what’s the height of your room’s ceiling from middle and corners to get an approx. height. Secondly, measure the floor level whether it is straight or not. It affects the placing of wardrobes to meet the precise dimensions. Thirdly, make sure any electrical plug or outlet is not protruding the bespoke wardrobe’s back. If yes, then the firm will proffer solution for free wires to maintain easy access.

Fitted furniture is a lot more than providing spacious wardrobes. It gives a sense of style and comfort to your rooms. You are able to design your rooms complementing your personality. To feel all this, hire an experienced fitted furniture company and gift yourself a brand new furniture today!