unmarried couples vs married couples

Unmarried Couples vs Married Couples

Hey guys, once you may have this question in your mind. The answer is yes for the time being. But when you become old you will realise that getting married was better. This is because single person’s lives like king and dies like slave. On the other hand the married people lives like slave and dies like king. Hope you understand its meaning. We will be happier when no one is to control us. We can have many affairs and spent all our earnings for ourselves. We can go anywhere as per our wish without considering anyone. We won’t be having any responsibilities. These whole cases prove that unmarried couples are happier than married couples. In foreign countries there is a living together scheme. It is to understand whether your partner look after you for the whole lifetime. Then only they will marry each other

After marriage there will be lot of problems in running a family. There will be always fights between husband and wife complaining each other. Misunderstanding takes place between them which eventually leads to fights. Some fights will be stopped when a child is born. Children make a family look better. By being a father or mother you will realise the actual goal of your life. Then you will be always living for them. When they become earners they look after you. After 50 or 60 years of age you can take rest. That’s why I said married couples die as a king. I also said that unmarried couples live as kings. This has also some demerits. The social status of unmarried couples will be less compared to married people. There are always having restrictions for them from the parent’s side. The major advantage is that they can break up at any time and look for another. This facility will only be available until you are old. When you become old no one notices you and you will feel regretted that you had married.This emotionally attacks you until your death.

Unmarried couples have also a problem that your partner can cheat you. So in both cases we have certain advantages and disadvantages. It always depends upon the partner that you select. You must be very careful in selecting your life partner. Once married you may find it difficult to leave each other. Then you will have to suffer them until death. Unmarried couples are always free. They can take their own decisions in relationship which makes them more preferable. After all, these whole cases differ from persons to person. Everyone will be having a bitter experience in the past which may disallow them from engaging with a girl. You should only get married when you realize that your partner is good enough for you and he/she will take care of you until death which makes him/her the perfect soul mate for you. Happiness always comes from good relationship. Even if you are married or not you can be happy enough with your family and friends. So that was the problems of married and unmarried couples. You can have your own decision that to marry or not. It all depends on the partner you choose!


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