Type of doors to improve home look

Type of doors to improve home look

Doors based on material –

  • Wood / Timber Doors – It’s very common and most popular kind of doors and easily available and can be made by local carpenters. There are large variety of woods available in market to choose from with different properties like longevity and budget.
  • Battened Doors – These are simplest form of doors. These doors are made with vertical wooden battens of the height of doors joined together. These are usually used for toilets, baths etc.
  • Framed Doors – These are commonly found in houses in room doors and are made of wood, plywood, board etc with various designs with cutting them. These kind of doors looks pleasing.
  • Flush Doors – These are plywood made or board made simple and smooth door. These are used in interior or exterior purposes. Frame of such doors are made of steel or wood. These are budget friendly and durable.
  • Glass Doors – These kind of doors are usually used for partitioning or in offices or on backyard side to get a view. These doors are costly and needs maintenance. These are heavy weight doors.
  • Steel Doors – These kind of doors are common and used for years. These can be solid or hollow. These are also used where-ever security is the main concern.
  • PVC Doors – PVC or poly vinyl chloride doors is basically plastic material. They are termite proof, durable, anti corrosive, light weight, moisture resistant etc. They are easy to install.
  • Fiber Glass Doors – it’s a glass made into fibrous form. Its strong light weight and non-flammable. These are used for windows, doors and bathtubs. It needs low maintenance as compared to wood or steel. They also be designed and painted to give good interior look of your home. In doors these usually embed in wooden frames. These are ready-made and available in market to choose as per your choice.
  • Plastic Doors – Plastic doors are high strength doors. These kind of doors need wooden support for fixing handles, locks, stoppers etc. These are in good demand these days.
  • Aluminium Doors – These aluminium metallic doors are light weight doors made from aluminium sheets. They are not affected by termites so are long-lasting. These are usually used in sliding doors or side hung. These are suitable for exterior and interior locations. They are in budget and looks good.
  • Bamboo Doors – Bamboo is the plant and gives good substitute to wooden doors. They are water, corrosive and termite resistant. These are in budget and looks nice.

Other way categorize doors

  • Hinged Doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • French Doors – They give enough space for entry and exit.
  • Dutch doors
  • Stacker doors
  • Sliding doors – These are usually used in balconies, partitioning, lobbies etc.
  • Tilt doors – These are usually used in garages.
  • Roller Doors – These are also commonly used in garages.
  • Security Screen doors – These provides extra security so mostly used in front doors.

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