Tips for Amazon Prime buyer

Tips for Amazon Prime Buyer

Long time ago, when people shop online, it seemed dangerous. People were scared to introduce their credit cards or numbers in gateway, browser window and fraud concerns were superior, but thanks to Amazon – a giant online store. Amazon sells everything as well as it provides fast delivery of your goods (when you are a prime member of Amazon) also provides services like prime videos and music, eBooks. But if you are a prime member of Amazon and going to buy on Amazon Prime Day, here are some tips for Amazon Prime Buyer –

Get today’s Best Deal

You can find new products in Amazon’ “Today’s Deal“. This link will appear on the top of Amazon Page. This section has deal of the day with limited time whether a few hours or sometimes a few minutes. You can get today’s best deal everyday with Amazon Apps, because it’s not possible to get a notice always about today’s best deal. On Amazon App, you can select Today’s best deal by going on the hamburger menu.

Don’t get Caught by Amazon Prime 

Sometimes you order any item from Amazon Prime, because of its free shipping deals, which is literally too costly. And Amazon deliver it faster. If you have time for waiting on that item, please check the product listing. There may be a note – This product may be available from other sellers (not eligible for Amazon Prime) at a lower price. Just click on that link. You may find the price largely reduced, and once you disburse for shipping, might be you receive a heckuva of savings.

Same Day Delivery 

In some fixed city, there is same day delivery available on some selected items. If you are a Prime Member in one of these cities, you will get free same day delivery on orders over $35. You order any item by noon and item will be delivered by 9:00 PM.

Subscribe the Products

Generally, you subscribe for something amusing like videos or magazines, where you grab new things. If you subscribe for 5 or more products every month, you can save up to 15% on the bill. You can also cancel, whenever you want. There is no long-lasting commitment to subscribe and get same product everytime.

Record Amazon Prices

Amazon would not tell you when a product you love is cheap. But OpenPriceAlert would email you when a product you want to buy reduces its price. Even, there is site CamelCamelCamel will track all the products you like and provide you the information through mail and Twitter.

Analyze the Prices, once you buy 

Amazon provides a Price Match Guarantee, especially on Televisions. Once you buy that product from Amazon and after that you see the reduced price on the same model, even on another store, Amazon will pay the difference. You do it by checking your order details and choosing “Found a lower Price” on Summary Page.

Refund on Late Shipping

When you order something from Amazon Prime, expecting the delivery within two days. You can also get it in one day, if you pay extra money for it. If it is guaranteed delivery on a specific day and still it doesn’t reach by 8:00 PM on the same date, you can get refund on shipping or even can get 1 month extension on Amazon Prime Membership also.

Note – It works only for Amazon Family not for Amazon Student and happens only 12 times a year.

These above are the tips for Amazon Prime Buyer. When you going to buy anything on Amazon Prime Day, remember these tips.