things to say to ur wife after having a baby

“Things to say to your wife after having a baby”

Childbirth is said to be “the miracle of life”, well… It is. It is the most painful and excruciating thing ever. The pain you feel in your whole body, the difficulty of it, the tiredness you get afterwards, and most importantly the fear of the possibility that you might lose your child. Childbirth is a complicated situation to be in, especially when the soon to be mother has her own health complications. However, the joy of holding your child, the child that you carried in your womb for 8-9 months, would totally be worth all the pain. Still… guys, remember, this is not the day to be so full of yourselves; this is her day, and the baby’s.

Your wife would need to feel like she’s done a good job, to feel reassured that everything she did was alright. She needs to feel loved and needs to feel that the baby feels loved as well. After all today’s the day when she gave birth to your child. Saying things like:

  • “You are amazing,” or
  • “Great job, love,” or
  • “The baby is beautiful,” or
  • “The baby would definitely be happy with us,” or
  • “I love you so much.”

All this and more can be said, depending on the personality of your wife. But I can promise you, no matter what personality your wife (and mother of your child), even if this is your 1st or your 5th child, she would always love to hear you say “I love you”. No matter how old you two get or how wrinkly you both are, that is the most consistent thing you could do for her that would never get old.