Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2016

Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2016

The year 2016 ensures that you go ahead this year. The favorable positions of Sun and Saturn in your stars ensures that you will make a gradual progress in your plans. The planet of luck, Jupiter will favor you for 8 long months and you will be experiencing more commitments in your relationships. Your charm will be at its best this year and people, especially of the other sex will be attracted to you. The period of March to May and again during August and September is ideal for making new deals, negotiations as you will be more convincing owing to the position of planets in your sign.

The solar eclipses on 9th of March and again on the 1st of September will energize the social side of you. Socializing will benefit you and you never known how meeting a new people can open up multiple numbers of avenues for you. In fact, during the last quarter of the year, you will meet a number of new people and it is advisable that you make most out of this new connections.

Jupiter will be entering the area of your health and work on the 9th of September and you will feel the need to take care of your diet. You will have to be very careful from the middle of October as owing to the opposing position of Pluto and Mars, you may run the risk of being involved in legal issues. But whatever it may be, you should stand be what is correct. To get justice, you need to be just. The last two months will bless you by making your dreams a reality.

The position of your ruling planet Venus, brings the opportunity for you to earn some extra revenue earlier this year. The position of Sun in the beginning of the year will favor the brave, so if you are enterprising or willing to work hard and take risks, chances are high that you will be suitable rewarded. You have been feeling restless or dominated since the last few years, you felt that you are compromising on your desires and was anxious to get free. This will continue for the first quarter of the year, after which you will be feeling more independent and that do calls for a celebration.

Mars, the planet of power will enter into Sagittarius in March and will be there for 5 months and you will feel very passionately about your ambitions. The burning desire to achieve will take you miles ahead and you will see the rewards, later this year. What you make out of your resources in August will have a long term implication, so deal with them prudently.

You will be meeting lot of people this year but you need to be cautious about how you deal with them and also about how you deal with your old friends also. Its not only about words but also your actions that will matter.

This year is about meeting new people, planning for your goals but also you will be required to take care of your health and resources. And success will be yours.

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