style hacks to look taller

Different Style Hacks to look Taller

Short height girls are the cutest girls in the world. But not all the girls are happy with their short heights. Well height can not be changed but sometimes, girls wish that if they also looked a bit taller so they can also pose like supermodels they praise. Therefore, here we brought some style hacks to look taller. You can look taller and gorgeous by choosing right accessories and clothes suit with your body frame.

1. Vertical Lines

If you wear vertical lines clothes, you will look quite taller than actual height. Because vertical lines print focuses on height, while horizontal lines print focuses on width. If you wear horizontal prints, you will look shorter than you are.

2. Bright Colors

You should wear bright color clothes they will help add height. You can also match dark color clothes for more benefits.  If you wear matching color clothes like black clothes with black skirt, the other person will be unable or hard to find your actual height or legs.

Style Hacks to look Taller

3. Small Size Bags

if you carry a over-sized bag, it increases your waist and hip area and you look wide. So do not carry bulky or over-sized bags. Instead of bulky bags, carry a small clutch or a narrow strap bag you will look a bit taller.

Style Hacks to look Taller

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4. High Waist Clothes

High waisted dresses, skirts, trousers and jeans make short girls taller. They lengthen your legs and make the upper area look short. If you embed your clothes in your pant or trouser, it will make your legs look longer.

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5. Simple Accessories

Accessories play a vital role in your dressing style. Avoid wide strap watches it will make your hand look shorter. You can add a scarf or a long chain necklace, if you want to look tall. Avoid wide belts, which make you look fat.

Style Hacks to look Taller

6. V-Necks 

You should always choose V-Neck dress instead of round neck or turtleneck. It gives an illusion of height. There are many types of clothes available in stores in your town or city. Choose the right size V-neck blouse or dress, neither too big nor to small. Deep V-neck dress evoke consideration to the length of your body.

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7. Right Hairstyle

Hair style plays an important role in your style, it also add an inch in your height. Every woman wants long hair but if you are an average height woman, forget long hair. If you have long hair, it will give you shorter look. You should choose short or medium length hair style as it will help in focusing on your neck. Hence, makes it look longer.

Style Hacks to look Taller

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8. High Heels

If you want to look taller, you can wear high heels. High heels shoes give an instant taller look. This style is beneficial to try and it will give you a taller look.

Style Hacks to look Taller

9. Suitable Size

Another style you can try to look taller is, to wear suitable size of clothes. Always remember larger cloth does not hide your real size, it just cover your body shape. So if you have extra weight, it is suitable to wear right size clothes. You should also avoid to wear tight clothes, it will make you difficult to breath.

These above style hacks to look taller should be tried once. But what if you get your dream height. Read this post to explore Tips and tricks to get taller if you follow, you can surely get your dream height.