Spring and Summer Bee Control Tips

Spring and Summer Bee Control Tips

How to control bee in summer

The pests like bees, mosquitoes and other flying insects becomes more active in the summer season because of extremely hot temperature .Before learning the methods of control of bees during summer , let us first know the different kinds of bees exists. There are different varieties of bees , for example bumble bees , honey bees , carpenter bees . let us discuss about these bees one by one.

Honey bees– honey bees are generally found near are our homes where the bee keepers make the honey from their  honey bee production process. such kind of bees are found yellow and black in color. honey bees are considered as social insects . apart adult honey bees varies from one half to five eight of inch .

Bumble bees– the name of the bumble bees has been derived from the buzzing sound that they make when they fly.The common place of bumble bees are flowering plants where they live .bumble bees are found in black and yellow color. bumble bees are also considered as social insects and they do reside in the nests .as per the research study the temperature of the nests of such kind of bees is considered 86 degrees F.with the help of their body heat these bees maintain their temperature .bumble bees do not make their holes in the woods or in the tunnels but these bees do reside under the stones , leaves or grass clippings .

Carpenter bees– as sound by the word , carpenter bees are usually called as wood bees.these are also found black and yellow in color.the main identification of such kind of bees is that at the top of their thorax they have a black spot.the most common places where carpenter bees are found are fields , woods , parks gardens and found near around your homes too.

Let us discuss some bee control tips –  Bees travels distance to distance and miles to miles in the search of food so to prevent bees near around your homes , you can remove these food resources like ice cream , fruits , juice etc.you can use insects pesticides also to prevent bees.the best way to control bees is that you should take the help of professionals .more you can follow the following steps to keep yourself safe unless you find the help of any specialists in this field.you can make the inspection of the area where the bee lies then you need to be alert from the hive of the bees , do not dare to harm the bees hive by yourself just stay away and call the professional in this field as soon as possible.more , always keep your house doors and windows close .

how to control bees during spring – always try to keep your home foundation clean that includes plants coverage .always check regularly that gutters located near to your homes this would help in preventing the bees from the building nests.if you want to keep the decayed organic matter away from giving the food and shelter resources for the bees and insects you must keep the plants away from the foundation of your home.

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