Small Kitchen Revamp Ideas

Smart Kitchen Revamp Ideas: Style and Functionality on a Budget

Kitchen can be said to be the heart of every home. Therefore, it should have a cozy heartwarming feeling while being comfortable to spend time, move and cook in. If you pay attention to the importance of efficiency and comfort, revamping your kitchen successfully while on a budget can become a piece of cake. Simply do not allow yourself to spread out with ideas and focus on main points of what you want to achieve – Smart kitchen revamp ideas.

Start with walls

Changing up the style of walls in the kitchen can create a big impact for the whole look and feel of the kitchen area, especially if the existing paint or wallpapers are already old and worn. You might not even like the color or the patterns on the walls. Therefore, opt for something that would calm your eyes and mind the best. Also, by investing in waterproof paint, glossy wallpapers or tiles, you can save a lot of money and time for later care and cleaning of these surfaces. It s all about walls for small kitchen revamp ideas.

Smart Kitchen Revamp Ideas

Create storage space

When it comes to storage, it seems that there is never enough for kitchen necessities. Therefore make the use of your vertical empty surfaces. You might have a lot of cupboards and drawers but if those are overcrowded with different items, use your walls to hang everything that does not fit the shape of your drawers properly. Also, some DIY shelves can solve this problem nicely. Using the vertical rule does not only apply to walls but to doors as well, be it kitchen doors or cabinet doors. Moreover, adding baskets, see-through containers and drawer dividers can make the life easier, organization better and cooking more enjoyable. You can make a storing plan and store the items according to their frequency of use or purpose for small kitchen revamp ideas.

Organize the counters

If you successfully added shelves, wall hangers and other bits and pieces that are useful for storage of different kitchen things, you will undoubtedly be left with more counter space. Do not leave this space empty by no means. Take this opportunity to maximize the efficiency of your kitchen. With pots, spices and cans safely stored away and bigger cutlery hanging on the walls, you can place your toaster, blender, Nespresso coffee machine, etc. on the counters and keep them at the reach of a hand. Moreover, you can add an adapter with more power outlets so that you do not have to waste time on plugging each appliance separately.

Smart Kitchen Revamp Ideas

Add some smart lighting solutions

Most kitchens have one large center ceiling light that is usually not enough for proper cooking nor does it provide enough light for some interesting kitchen activities when the whole family spends time there. This is especially troublesome when kitchens double as dining rooms as well. Therefore, installing LED lights where necessary can mean a lot for the atmosphere and eyesight. This might seem like a pricey investment but in the long run LED lights save the energy and reduce the cost of energy bills.

The less mess there is in the kitchen the more stylish it will look, while smart storing techniques would improve its functionality. You do not need to make some big steps in order to change the look of your kitchen. The smart use of lights, storage and background can do the trick just fine and get you your perfect little revamped kitchen.