Scorpio Yearly Horoscope 2016

Scorpio Yearly Horoscope 2016

The year 2016 will see the strong and dynamic side of you. You will be determined to make your mark this year. You just won’t be ready to accept setbacks this year. Mars, your co-rules will empower you right in the beginning of the year and will drive your senses for the first four months of this year. And right from January to September, Mars will keep changing position between Scorpio and the sector affecting you and your self worth. This indicates that you will be much more focused about managing your finances and will adopt a dynamic approach in life. From September onwards, you will be inclined towards spirituality.

Venus will inspire you and give you a good feeling right from the beginning of the year but Saturn, the planet of structure will demand that you take care of your resources. You will benefit be rationally using your resources and spending less. Saving now by going for the essential things only will preserve your resources.

Also, at times you will feel that things are not going ahead in the pace you want them to go. This feeling of frustration will disturb you quite a number of times this year and especially during the middle of August. You had a very stressful period since the last few years, the good news is that you will be free from the stress by the month of April this year, but your mental state will be tender from May to October. Your stars will give you full support while you interact with other people. But what you need to realize is that all that you hope for, will not be achieved and this is but normal.

As your two ruling planets are in opposition with each other, you will be facing strong discussions or charged arguments. However, if you are traveling around in this period, focus on the beauty of nature and don’t rush. The last few years you were reaping the benefits of your communication skills. Owing to the clashing square made by Uranus and Pluto, you experienced stress and tension last year, this will continue for the first quarter of this year and after this , you will feel much relieved and stress free.

Pluto will continue to add fuel to your desires of achieving and you will feel more strongly to vent your ideas and communicate with people who can help you in making the desired change. Venus, the planet of love and affection will enter into Sagittarius in the beginning of this year and you will find your finances in a much better position. You will find people around you to be very supportive.

The angle between Sun and Saturn in your sign will urge you to take things forward to the path of glory. You will find it easier to articulate your ideas and present them properly to others.

This year you will have the potential to establish and achieve a lot of things. You will just have to go for it and the rest will be taken care of by the power of your planets.

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