Pros and Cons of Having a Guard Dog

Humans have always used dogs for guarding their property from the intruders. Guard dogs are characterized with intelligence, physical strength and loyalty, and these traits make them appropriate for such a task. However, there are some downsides of having such a breed in your home – too many people around distract them, so they can become pretty unpredictable. Here are some pros and cons of having a guard dog, plus the ways in which signage protects you from state to state.

  • ‘Beware of Dogs’ Signs in the USA

Pros and Cons of Having a Guard Dog

Guard dogs can be a huge liability. If your dog bites a human or another animal, you can be sued for damage. One of the best ways to protect everyone is posting visible signs of stating that you have a dog. The way in which these signs protect you varies from state to state. For example, Alaska offers no protection with signage, and any dog that is considered vicious can be lawfully killed if it is running at large. California, Arkansas, and Connecticut also don’t offer protection through signage. On the other hand, the amount of liability on you is examined by comparative fault in Utah. This means that if you, as a dog owner, prove that the the complainant (plaintiff) is 30% liable, you will only be 70% liable. Having a warning sign at the entrance of property do help to make the complainant (plaintiff) more liable.

  • Pros of Having a Guard Dog

Some of the best guard dog breeds are German Shepherds, Bullmastiffs, Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers. All of these are extremely intelligent, alert and fearless. Besides that, they are very brave and loyal, which makes them great for protecting families. Each of them should be raised in a family from an early age. The importance of constant training cannot be emphasized enough, simply because their physical strength should be channeled into regular exercise. A combination of proper training and high quality food will make them the best possible breeds for protecting home. Be sure to visit your local pet store for finding the food appropriate for your dog’s age and weight. These dogs’ intimidating look wards off intruders, and they can also put a full-grown man down to ground.

Pros and Cons of Having a Guard Dog

  • Cons of Having a Guard Dog

Guard dogs will bark at everyone and everything, so you can be sure that throwing a party where you would invite many guests will easily distract them. The truth is that many people think that a guard dog which is vicious to everyone but their family will make the best guard dog. That is quite not true, since such dogs can be very unpredictable. Besides that, people think that selecting a guard dog based on its size and level of intimidation is enough, which is why they don’t pay attention to the training. Even when they are trained to attack, they may not be trained to sense danger and protect without attacking.

Guard dogs are very desirable when it comes to protecting your household from intruders. Of course, an appropriate and regular training is very important, because it transforms even the most aggressive dog into obedient one. However, it’s true that they can be pretty much unpredictable, because too many people in their environment can easily distract them. These dogs are very loyal – just make sure that you have a proper “Beware of Dog” sign, no matter what state you live in.

Article Submitted by Emma Lawson