Professional Drywall Construction

Professional Drywall Construction

Drywall is a panel made of gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper. It is used to make interior wall and ceiling. Drywall construction become popular as faster alternative of traditional plaster.

Tools needed for Drywall construction –

  • Drywall T-Square – expensive but crucial
  • Drywall knife in sizes – 4, 6 and 12 inches – These are used to embed the tape with seam and spread smooth joints compound.
  • Utility Knife – Make sure the blade is sharp.
  • Cordless drill for fastening
  • Sanding sheets and sanding poles – Sand paper is good for smaller areas and corners
  • Drywall sanding sponge, abrasive and non-abrasive – sanding sponge is another option for sand paper. For ceiling, pole sander is good option.
  • drywall screws are the standard fastener – its the preferred method to install drywall. as they provide more stable and long-lasting connection. screw guns are available in both corded and cordless models. If you are using nails, use drywall hammer.
  • Electric or manual Drywall saw – jigsaw and manual both type of saw needed. These are designed to rip through the paper face and gypsum core of drywall.
  • Drywall hammer – tapered head that created natural recess for joint compound. It creates waffle contour that helps lock the compound
  • Mixing Tools – Its needed when working with joint compound to fill nail holes and fill gaps. You can mix it by hand or by attachment in drill.

Preparing for drywall work involves –

  • make sure if you have tools to suite your situation and room.
  • temperature and humidity also affect work.
  • To make things easier, drywall panels should be planned in advanced
  • Inspect the interior wall system before installation of drywall… electrical, plumbing and mechanical
  • Room should be prepared for the task
  • Safety precautions must be taken for tools and materials
  • Temperature should not be more than 55 degree farenhite (13 degree Celsius) for at least 2 days prior to installation
  • Gypsum dust generating from cutting drywall can cause respiratory and eye problems. Save your lungs and eyes by wearing masks and glasses when needed and keep ventilation in the room.

Benefits of Drywall over other alternatives-

  • In comparison to traditional plastering technique which takes usually 2-3 weeks, it just take 2-3 days if done by experienced drywall constructors.
  • Appearance – these even look far better than old traditionally made walls
  • Energy efficient – drywall help keeps insulation and helps to retain room temperature much better than any alternative
  • Fire resistance – it is much more fire resistant than any other alternative. Fire will not spread as fast as in other cases and could save your life if steps are taken timely.
  • Cost and up keep – It’s most cost efficient choices for your home. It’s affordable, looking good appearance wise, easy maintenance without replacing whole wall.

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