Polyurea lining

Secondary Containment systems work better with Polyurea lining

Yes ,  Secondary Containment systems work better with Poly urea lining. Here is a brief description about poly urea , what actually poly urea is . Poly urea is a technology which boasts chemical resistance to many liquids with high build thickness characteristics .It has very low perm ratings .

Poly urea is ideal for use in a variety of water proofing , corrosion control , immersion and lining applications also.

Different Uses Of Poly urea Are As Follows –

Poly urea can be applied on different substrates like concrete , metals and wood in a wide range of temperatures and humidity environments

  • Poly urea is commonly used as the lining of primary containment as well as for the lining of secondary containment.
  • Because of its fast set return services like ability to achieve uv stable colors , this technology is also used in world’s sea aquarium.
  • It has also superior physical properties to be used over conventional linings .
  • Poly urea is also used the water and waste water industries .
  • It is also used as ideal liners in water tanks , including salt water.
  • Poly urea are also recommended for lining large diameter pipes , manholes , clear wells and process tanks for portable and non portable water both , basins and reservoirs .
  • Poly urea are also best used in lift stations and reserve fire water tanks.

Poly urea lining technology has also certain advantages which are described below

  • It is a protective membrane on metal , masonry , wooden reservoirs .
  • It is also used as protective membrane on soils and many kinds of pipes and stones slabs.
  • It provides excellent cold weather flexibility.
  • The most beneficial thing of poly urea is that it is available in ”fire retardant” version.
  • Perfect resistance for the calorific impact .


Quality control system includes manuals , inspection procedures and relevant regarding documentation. Its design , application and testing methods are certified from NACE.

  • No priming is required .
  • It can be applied in any weather and at any temperature .
  • It also can be used at lower thicknesses.

From the point of view of safety also is the best choice to consider with the secondary containment .The following points describe the same as –                                                              It is necessary to understand the chemistry of poly urea and poly urethanes , when using secondary containment with it .

PROPERTIES OF POLY UREA LININGS                                

  • Fast curing can be handled.
  • Multiple colors available in this along with proper top coating.
  • it is environment friendly and no HAP’S or VAC’s are used.
  • Extremely durable and chemical resistance .
  • Poly urea is recyclable . Further it can be cut into sheets and can be moved to a new location.

For more information regarding secondary containment system with poly urea lining , you can visit this page.