Paver patios Planning and Tips

Patios give a look to your home, garden and surroundings. Choosing the right design, color and shape can give your home or office elegant look.

If you are planning to make a patio, you need to consider following things –

Low cost and maintenance – we need to list down option and see where we will have lower cost plus lesser maintenance. Initial cost might be higher but in long run, it should not need frequent maintenance and expenses

Dig Deeper for good results – First plan the path for the paver patio. then dig it down deeper 6 inches or more. It’s better to water the soil to soften it before digging. It will make digging easier.

Make it weed free – Use landscaping cloth to partition old soil and new layer of sand. It will reduce the efforts of weeding and vegetation

Prepare the base – make the layer of sand over landscaping cloth. It should be solid and smooth as you will make paver on it. Keep adding subsequent layers of required materials.

Drainage – you need to consider the slope of paver while leveling as otherwise water will flow on wrong side. It should handle additional moisture and drainage

Edge plan – Plan for solid edge with the help of additional pavers, solid cement lip, or metal edging to reduce the effect of movement. It will help improve stability and minimize weeding.

Color combinations – blend different colors of stones or bricks to give a natural look so in that way patchwork appearance will not be visible

Perfect fit cuts – after deciding the pattern, you will have to cut down stones to fit in required pattern. Cold chisel can be used for that.

Set the Paver – Apply layer of sand over and between cracks until cracks are completely filled. it will help them fixed, stabilized and no weeds with better drainage.

Extra stones – keep extra stones or bricks to make easier repair in future.

Concrete pavers are most known for pool surrounding, side walks, drive-ways. These can be done in variety of shapes and colors based on client’s choice and surroundings. It do not require curing period so once they are done, they are ready for use.

Other benefits are –

  • They do not need heavy equipment to install paver.
  • Low Maintenance

How to maintain –

  • these need very little maintenance
  • time to time sweeping and rinsing will keep them clean
  • If you observed weeds in between them, just remove them immediately
  • light re-sending every few years prevent weeding and drainage
  • replace the damaged piece in case of any found any time.

Well installed drive ways long last …. may be somewhere 20-40 years

Stamped concrete is the alternative to paver. But most of the people choose pavor

Do your homework before and then decide what and how do you want it.

So whether you are planning to prepare sides of your garden, walk ways, or planning for some commercial paver patios, Do not forget to visit here – Paver Patio Portland for perfect residential and commercial services in paver patios, walkways, landscape walls and outdoor living spaces.