Premature Birth

Our Son’s Premature Birth: This Is Our Story

Bringing a child into this world before they were expected is a bewildering experience filled with happiness and the fear of what lies ahead. I have wondered for a long time how I could share my experience with other people in way that makes the most of a terrifying situation.

Our tale of becoming parents is a bit different from the rest. We always wanted to have a child but after trying for several years and spending thousands of dollars on medical treatments, we knew that it wasn’t possible. My purpose is to raise awareness and give a sense of comfort to other couples that face the same dilemma. So this is our preemie story.

My little boy, Keith, is a very energetic toddler with a bright personality and a sparkling attitude. He likes to play around and is always keen on exploring new places. Bullet, our family dog, is completely in love with Keith and stays by his side round the clock.

Looking at him now you would have never guessed that he was a preemie and weighed only 2lbs. 4oz at the time of birth. His presence is the completing factor to our small family. However, things were not always this simple; we have faced our fair share of difficulties in this journey to become parents.

After trying to conceive for so long, we were left devastated and heart broken. My partner and I started to wonder if we would ever be able to have a child of our own. Aftermonths of discussing what we wanted from life as a couple, we came to the conclusion that the only option available to us was adopt a child.

So we got in touch with a local adoption agency and eagerlybegan the home study process. We had the option to specify the kind of child we wanted but that didn’t matter to us much at that point. They even asked us about the possibility of a preemie and we said that it didn’t bother us.

We spent hours at a time going through the documents, researching the internet and talking to our adoption counsellor. It didn’t take long before we got the call that we had been praying for. The agency told us about a young woman who was 5 months pregnant and asked us if we would be interested in adopting her child.

At that particular moment, it felt like all our struggles had finally come to an end. We were extremely excited and told the agency that we ready to meet the birthmother in person. They arranged a meeting and we immediately felt a bond with herduring that first meeting. We appreciated her decision of creating an adoption plan for her child and thanked her for choosing us as the adoptive parents. After that we remained in contact and waited anxiously for birth of our child.

Keith was born almost three months premature. We knew beforehand that the birthmother had a fibroid tumor and this could eventually lead to a premature birth. I remember rushing to the hospital that night completely frightened, not knowing what will happen to our child and his birthmother.

Finally at 1:35 a.m. 5th August 2015, Keith was born at 27 weeks gestation after a C-section. He was immediately placed under respiratory support and after a couple of hours the doctors finally told us that he was stable. Keith was taken to the NICU, where we saw him for the first time. His birthmother spent the next three days in the hospital after which she was discharged.

The first few days in the NICU were extremely tough mostly because we had no clue of what was going on. Even a normal delivery would have been a difficult experience because this was my first time dealing with a child.

The NICU team explained to us that due to Keith’s premature birth, it was going to be a long and rough journey ahead. However, all of the staff was very cooperative and kind enough to let spend as much time with Keith as they could manage.

For the next 70 days, I watched my baby grow with the help of an incubator, ventilator, feeding tube, brain scans, eye exams and numerous blood tests. We had to manage our work, home and the hospital and it was difficult to get any rest as every second my mind was fixated on my child’s survival.

The worst thing about the NICU experience was the feeling of going home every day without holding Keith in my arms.Also, we had some frightening episodes in the NICU especially in the beginning when Keith would suddenly stop breathing but the doctors took care of it. The entire time in the NICU, we couldn’t help but admire the dedication and skill of the NICU team. It seemed that they were capable of managing almost any situation thrown at them and most importantly, they tackled it without displaying any hesitation.

Finally after 70 days in the hospital, we were able to take Keith home at about 5lbs. 2 oz. I was shocked to see the total medical bill but thankfully our insurance had covered most of it. The adoption agency was very supportive throughout the process and the adoption was finalized when Keith was seven months old.

My husband and I are so proud of our baby boy; Keith didn’t just survive, he took it like a true champ. He continues to thrive each day and to our amazement has no lasting consequences from his premature birth.

We have learned so much from this experience of his premature birth; I probably never even heard the word “preemie” before Keith was born. We entered the NICU not knowing anything about our child but came out with an unbreakable bond. Now I am proud to call myself a preemie adoptive mother.

Note  – Story Submitted by a mother