Nursery Tree Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers or wall decals are vinyl stickers which can be affix to wall or other surface for decoration purpose. Most decals use only one or two colors but few may have many colors. These are also called wall tattoo or wall vinyl.

How to install wall decals

Wall stickers are easy and quick way to decorate your room. These are designed for fast application.

  • Select a wall. Choose a wall where you want to put wall sticker. wall should be bare.
  • Take measurement of the space
  • Note down all existing decoration and colors on it.
  • Thing of possible layouts of wall sticker on available space
  • Use decal which suites best with wall color and room theme. Also size should fit in available space.
  • Clean the wall and remove any dust or dirt from the surface. Clean surface will help wall sticker to affix properly. Use can use soap sponge to remove dust and oil particles from wall. Get the wall dried before wall sticker application.
  • Double check the sticker placement and layout on wall before installation.
  • Finalize the placements and make some markings which will help me placement.
  • Remove the covering from wall sticker.
  • Carefully stick the sticker to the area as per the marking done in previous steps.
  • Work slowly and take your time to make sure the perfection.
  • Once application is done, smooth the surface and remove any air bubbles came in it
  • Push air bubbles outwards to the edge to remove them.
  • Remove the paper backing slowly and carefully. Now you will see the final and full effect of wall sticker on your wall.

Wall Stickers Buying tips

  • Choose wall stickers or appliques which are not toxic to protect children from their exposure. No matter how pretty or cute the design is, do not go with cheaper options.
  • Before buying, decide the color, size, pattern etc and search accordingly
  • Choose the colors which gives positive energy and spread happiness. your mood also depends on your surroundings and dull color might impact your mood and happiness.
  • Kids love cartoon characters so wall stickers can be bought as per their choice if they have any.
  • You can buy them online or off-line. Just explore the market before deciding and finalizing.
  • Ask questions to the seller about material used, its durability, cleaning process, installation process etc before buying. sellers are either manufacturers or are in touch with manufacturers so they will clear all your doubts and queries and that will help you easy buy with no queries or doubts.

Nursery Wall stickers Ideas

  • Colorful Tree Wall stickers
  • Cuddly Animal wall stickers
  • Fish and whale wall stickers
  • Alphabet and number wall stickers
  • Flower wall stickers
  • Fruits wall stickers
  • Forest wall stickers
  • Butterfly wall stickers
  • Text and quote wall stickers
  • Character wall stickers

If you are planning to decor your baby’s nursery wall with wall stickers, these days, nursery tree wall stickers are quite popular and available in variety of designs and colors and size. Just click the link and explore more and more designs for nursery.