Motorcycle Trip To Shillong

Have you heard of a place called Scotland of the East?It is the name given to Shillong; the capital of Meghalaya in the North Eastern part of India.  The title has been aptly given; because it is one of the most beautiful and scenic places that you would have ever been Motorcycle trip to Shillong.

Spanning across two of the two North Eastern states – Assam and Meghalaya, a road trip on motorcycle along the National Highway in this region had long been my dream.Shillong is not very far from Guwahati; just about a hundred odd kilometers away. Yet this trip may last anything from 4 to 6 hours.

The time taken is not a reflection of your riding capability; but depends upon the number of places you stop en-route due to the breathtaking beauty that you encounter.Incidentally, Meghalaya literally means “Adobe of the clouds” and does live up to its reputation – Sohra being the wettest place on the planet Earth Motorcycle trip to Shillong.

I had been planning and preparing for this trip for a long time. To ensure riding comfort, I had also purchased brand new jacket, helmet as well as motorcycle boots and fitted up my bike with dual sport tires.

Itinerary of my motorcycle Trip

The First step was in the State of Meghalaya as per the schedule below:

Day 1 – I had planned the trip from Guwahati to Shillong. Starting early morning with the night halt at Shillong.

Day 2– The longer trip  to Chirapunji, starting early and night halt at Chirapunji (Or Sohra, as it is called now)

Day 3 – Return to Guwahati  via halt at Bada Pani

The Road Trip on Motorcycle

Having packed my bags the previous night, I strapped on my motorcycle boots early morning and started on my Royal Enfield Royal Enfield. I was really excited to see the performance of dual sport tires. A magical journey lay ahead of me Motorcycle trip to Shillong.

For those who are not aware of the Royal Enfield motorcycle, let me tell you that if you really want to experience the power and surge and at the same time experience the riding comfort of a true motorcycle fitted with dual sport tires, this is just the right choice.

No wonder it is also a favorite of most bikers who choose to go on long distance travelling in India and abroad.

The throbbing sound of the engine set my pulse running with excitement as I started the bike and moved along the wide road leading from Guwahati to the base of the hilly region that was the starting point of Meghalaya Motorcycle trip to Shillong.

Considering that it is a mountainous road, I was expecting many constricted crossing places but was quite surprised to find a very well maintained wide two lane road with adequate passing places.

The dual sport tires negotiated the curves effortlessly; which gave my partner and me ample opportunities to look around and seep in the scenery and the picturesque surroundings.

We passed numerous valleys, waterfalls and streams and experienced a slight chill in the mountain air as we gained altitude. The motorcycle boots made it much easier to shift to the lower gears effortlessly.

Along the way, we came across many small roadside stalls selling pineapples by dozens. Apparently, they grew in abundance in these areas Motorcycle trip to Shillong.

Sightseeing In and Around Shillong

Motorcycle Trip To Shillong

Bada Pani – Bada Pani which means “a large body of water”.  We reached this place in just a little under 4 hours of casual driving Motorcycle trip to Shillong.

It is just 15 km short of Shillong and is a manmade lake which has a Reservoir that supplies water to a small hydroelectric station at the base of the valley.

It is also a famous tourist destination where a water sports park has been developed.   We observed a number of families and small groups of friends spending their day away from the city; having a picnic and enjoying water sports.

Motorcycle Trip To Shillong

Shillong Peak – The Shillong Peak is about 10 kms away from the city and offers a panoramic view of Shillong as well as the valleys all around. It is the highest point in Meghalaya Motorcycle trip to Shillong.

My bike’s  dual sport tires negotiated the narrow hill road along the picturesque drive quite effortlessly. The motorcycle boots further reduced the driving fatigue.

Having spent some time on the Shillong peak we headed towards the city where the other sightseeing places were waiting to be discovered.

Motorcycle Trip To Shillong

Elephant Falls – This was our next destination. It is a well-developed tourist spot along the main road, on the outskirts of Shillong.

Here you can see a large mountain stream that descends thru two successive falls. It has steps leading to the base of the first waterfall and is generally streaming with tourists.

Having spent some time at the falls, we headed towards the city to see the tourist spots within the city.

Motorcycle Trip To Shillong

The Wards Lake – This is an artificial lake amidst a lush green garden and is located in the heart of the city Motorcycle trip to Shillong.

This is a place where you can spend an entire evening, but as we had to also catch up with the local customs and cuisines,  hence we headed towards the city centre and parked the bikes near the town hall at one end of the Shillong market Motorcycle trip to Shillong.

Motorcycle Trip To Shillong

The Shillong Market – The main market area of the city is along the main road and is full of activity. The locals have a very fashionable dress sense and the entire area has a feeling of energy and gaiety around it Motorcycle trip to Shillong.

There are plenty of places to eat out and enjoy the genuine Khasi cuisine as well as Chinese and intercontinental fare.

The market areas as well as the restaurants, however, close down quite early. We were therefore surprised when the waiter politely asked us to place our last order at 8.30 pm!

Shillong has a fairly large number of visitors and at times it may be difficult to find a reasonable place to stay but luckily our hotel had been booked in advance hence we  retired early.

It was a memorable day, well spent.