Facts about Women

Do you think that all human beings are same and there is no vital difference between a man and a woman. Man and Woman are not only differ by body, in fact there are so many facts which can separate a woman from a man. Here are some facts about women, which are not only for the Indian women, but for every women on this planet.

1. A woman has more flexible neck than a man. When someone calls the woman, she turns his head back. On the other hand, a man turns his entire body.

2. A woman is able to tell 10 shades of a color, while a man is unable to do it. Because  color perception is linked with X chromosome.

3. A woman blink her eyes twice as often as a man do.

4. Women’s heart thump faster than men’s heart.

5. According to a research, women who snore during their pregnancy, have smaller babies.

6. Indian women get greedy after 22.

7. 40% of women in America give birth to their babies before marriage.

8. 80% of women wear wrong sized bra.

9. Women can keep a secret only 47 hours and 15 minutes.

10. Most oftenly, women are choosy, they waste one year from their life only to choose, what to wear or what to not. They think about their looks 9 times in a day at least.

11. Women have more taste buds than men.

12. Only 2% of women describe themselves beautiful.

13. In every 90 seconds, a woman die after giving birth.

14. According to a study, taller women get cancer faster than the average height women. In America, a woman die with breast cancer in every 13 minutes.

15. Women have more smelling power than the men.

16. Every woman wears 2.70 kg lipstick in her whole life.

17. Indian women are suggested as the most beautiful women in the world.

18. A research found, Shorter women have shorter pregnancies.

19. Women can pass whole day by standing in front of the mirror.

20. Women have more life than men. The reason behind this is their immune system. The 5 people who cross their age after 100, 4 are the women among them.

21. Women like appreciations, whether it is true or not.

22. A woman takes 80-90 minutes to get ready, while a man takes only 30-35 minutes.

23. Women are more responsible than men. Mostly, men escape from the responsibilities of their children.

24. Women speak 20,000 words in a day, while men speak 13,000 words.

25. In America, 20% women earn 50,000 more dollars than their husbands.

26. In U.K., the average women spends their 17 years on dieting.

27. Men lie 6 times more than women.

28. In U.K., an average woman own 111 handbags in their whole life.

29. The most common disease in women is heart attack.

30. 90% of women are afraid of lizards, mice, bugs and spiders.

31. When women cry, they find someone to offer them a cuddle.

32. When women go out, they wear blouse first and then pants. Men do vice-versa.

33. Women have more joints in their hands than men. Therefore, they are more capable to clean the kitchen than men.

34. Women love shoppings, though they hate to pay for it.

35. Generally, Women carry handbags with them, if they don’t do it, they feel awkward.