mirror TVs FAQs

Mirror TVs FAQs (Infographic)

Like the name suggests, a mirror TV is both an appliance and a house accent. It is capable of functioning as a mirror and as a television. This is possible through the Mirror TVs’ high-gloss reflective finish which looks and functions similar to that of a mirror when the TV is turned off.

It is a two-way contrary mirror that has an installed LCD TV seated at its back. Which then allows the mirror to be a TV when turned on, and then serve as a mirror when off.

This two-way feature doesn’t hamper down on the quality of the TV either. Even with its two-way polarized mirror screen, it delivers crisp and quality images.

As though you were watching on a regular television, plus it also comes with crisp sound quality which you can enjoy especially with the current top-end figures in the market. And when not in use, it becomes a stylish and functional accent for the room.

With its accent function, it improves the overall ambience and review of the room it is placed in – from the living zone, to the kitchen, to even the bathroom. It also saves wall space as it combines two functions into one. It gives you additional spots to hang anything you need – from wall art to framed photographs.

When placed in bathrooms, it doubles as both an entertainment piece for a relaxing time in the bathroom as well as a functional piece as it functions as one of the staple pieces of bathroom fixtures. Kitchens can also use mirror TVs as both an accent and a way to watch cooking shows.

Learn more about mirror TVs and why they are a great addition to your homes and establishments with this infographic:

Mirror TVs FAQs