tips to sell your handicraft items

Marketing tips to sell your handicraft items

Craft items have always been a valuable source of income for people with a pair of crafty hands and a few good ideas. These days, when younger people are slowly abandoning corporate uniformity and choosing individuality and uniqueness instead, the demand for handmade items that can help them to express that individuality is very high. All of this will, however, be worth very little if you do not know how to use these favorable circumstances and reach an audience that is interested in your products. Let us, then, take a quick look at a few ways how you can find this missing link and turn your passion into a profitable business.

Social Media

Advertising your craft items on social media is hardly a new thing. As a matter of fact, the number of similarly purposed profiles is so overwhelming that you will have a very hard time standing from the competition. Still, hard does not mean impossible, and if you are social, play by the rules of each particular network, and offer your followers some interesting content (blog posts, how tos, tutorials, instructional videos, etc.) that will give them a reason to come back even if they are not necessarily interested in buying, you will quickly rise in prominence and get your inbox full of orders.


One of the most popular marketplaces for artisans from all over the world, Etsy hosts more than 875,000 shops and the staggering number of more than 12,3 million handmade products. Navigating this website is very easy – your customers can find curated lists by categories (Candles, Geekery, Quilts, etc.) as well as a directory of shops in any specific field, so you do not have to worry that you will eventually get lost amongst this crowd. In other words, what you get is great exposure for the very affordable fee of 20 cents per item, and an additional commission of 3.5% once the sale is complete.


Another great indie craft marketplace with a really cool community feel to it. Another thing that elevates this website above its competition is the feature to place any item you are interested in on your Amazon wish list, and any connection to the Universal Wishlist technology can only benefit your business. Also, a huge number of people takes ArtFire over Etsy, because of its indie feel, so there is absolutely no need to limit your potential audience by opting only for one of these marketplaces.

Start a Marketing Network

It should be pointed out that all the previously mentioned ideas are very similar to throwing a hook in the water. If you want to take a more proactive stance while you are waiting for the fish to bite, you will have to come knocking at your customers’ doors. It goes without a saying, though, that you can stretch yourself only so thin, so it should not be a bad idea to sign up for multi level marketing training, and start developing your own marketing network to lend you a hand.

Promote Your Products at Local Events

Another great way to bring your products closer to your customers is to exhibit them at local trade fairs, concerts, celebrations, and similar events. If you are outgoing enough, you can even establish a local artisan club and start organizing events in your town by yourself. Joining forces with other artisans will also allow you to gather the necessary resources to exhibit your products further from your home town, or even attend some of the bigger, more mainstream trade events.

Most people dream about being able to make their earning doing what they like. If you are a skilled craftsman, that dream is not too far away. Sure, finding your initial audience may be a rocky road, but try using some of the tips we gave you and we are sure that your business will get on its feet very fast.