Libra Yearly Horoscope 2016

Libra Yearly Horoscope 2016

The year 2016 will be about how you treat others. You will realize the rationale between the proverbs that you are what, how you treat others. The position of planets in your sign will be such that the area of your thoughts, your ideas and how you communicate with others will be in the centre stage. You will benefit largely by being supportive to people. People will recognize the empathetic side of you and appreciate your ability to mould yourself as per the needs of others. People will be more willing, unlike ever before to listen from you. They will love to know how you feel and how you think. This will have a dual effort, people who really love you and want you to prosper will open this change with open hands but this will prove taxing at times as people at comfort with your previous self will not like to embrace these changes. So, you will need to deal with such people tactfully.

This year you will learn a lot and how you deal with pleasant as well as unpleasant scenarios will have a long term effect. From January to May, you will strive to find out the meaning of your life, you will try to rationalize on your desires from your life. The Solar Eclipse on the 9th of March will feed you with the determination to change things and stimulate things as per the situation. This urge will drive you for six long months. You need to revive your persona this year. You should believe that things are occurring for the greater benefit and the position of planets in your stars are that between May to October that your frustration, your feelings of being de-motivated and hopeless will be amplified. So, you will do much better by being optimistic this year. Pessimism will ultimately lead to failure and so it’s you, who will decide how you want things to go, just by adopting your approach.

But the good news is that Jupiter will enter your sign on the 9th of September and your aura will attract others. The positivity of your persona will radiate out of you and lot of opportunities will come your way. Venus, your ruling planet will be a favorable position right from the beginning of this year and your qualities as a diplomat will bring lots of opportunities for you.

With the position of Saturn and Sun in your stars at the beginning of this year, you will face tricky situations and if you can hold your emotions and not be blunt about your dealings with people, you may avoid further unpleasant situations. So keep calm and restrict your urge to take control of people and situations. Your ability to listen will take you further in life. Owing to the square made by Neptune and Uranus in your sign, this year you will come across quite a few ups and downs in your relations.

This year will not be very eventful for you but keep a close watch on your attitude towards life. Learn new skills and you will be benefitted.

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