Leo Yearly Horoscope 2016

Leo Yearly Horoscope 2016

This year will be about creativity and affection. The whole of this year you will be basking and your talents will be flowing out of you. You will enjoy people admiring your talents and with the grace of Jupiter you will have a increased flow of income, that you will achieve through your endeavors. But it is worthwhile for you to note that you will have to show that you want to increase your assets by working very hard and also by applying your prudence. So, in short you will have to work hard and also work smart.

But you need to be very careful when you enter into an agreement as due to the inauspicious position of Neptune, you will be highly under the risk to be deceived and so you must read between the lines while you enter into any agreement. So, make it a point to take care of all your assets, personal or professional. You must realize that its not always easy to follow the right path but its essential that you take judicious steps.

With Venus on your side early this year, you will feel blessed in your relationships. Owing to the position of Venus, Mars and Saturn, it is advised that you take very good care of your family, specially your children. Take your relationships very seriously this year. Its very important that you delicately deal with others.

Mercury in your sign earlier this year will add fuel to your creativity and you will be energizing yourself by your creativity. The beginning of the year will be smooth for you but owing to the influence of Aquarius, you will be facing lot of tension from April onwards. The favorable position of Uranus on your sister planet , Aries will have a liberating effect on you. You will be relieved of all the unnecessary things that were crowding in your life. Also the effect of Saturn on your other sister fire sign Sagittarius will pull luck in your side.

You have the potential to make this year a significant one in your life but you need to work hard on your ambitions and make the most out of your creativity. Also, due to the transitory movement of Jupiter you will need to keep a watch on your spending. Also to be in the best of your health till September, you will have to be very active.

Mars will be affecting your sign for 5 long months and the effects will be of various types. It will bring significant changes. You will be bubbling with self confidence and your charm will help you in some of your dealings. People will be attracted to you and if you are single, you will enjoy the attention of beautiful people around you.

With the two eclipses that will be occurring in your sign in March, a lot of business opportunities will come your way but you need to be very cautious about how you communicate with people. Remember, your words or actions cannot be undone and its always better to be careful than repenting later.

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