jump starting your metabolism

Jump Starting Your Metabolism-7 Tips That Show You How

A person’s metabolism can be described as a complex chemical network of enzymes and hormones. Which work together to transform food and other body fuels into energy. It is a process that occurs within an individual and is crucial in keeping one alive and efficient.

Metabolism is divided into;

  • catabolism

  • anabolism

Catabolism involves the disintegration of organic matter through processes such as digestion. This results in energy release. On the other hand, anabolism consumes energy because it involves the construction and repair of cellular components such as proteins.

The process of metabolism allows an individual to maintain the body’s framework, as well as growth and reproduction. It is mainly influenced by muscle mass; individuals with a larger muscle mass require higher metabolic rates to sustain energy levels.

However, the speed of metabolism will determine the quantity of food required. That how this food will be converted into energy required by the body for vital life-sustaining processes.

It is, therefore, important to consider how to increase your body’s metabolic rate in order to lead healthier lives. Some of the things or steps that can be undertaken to increase metabolism include:

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


This is a modern approach that puts emphasis on the use of short, explosive, and intense exercise routines. Changing the level of intensity in your workouts will force your body to work much harder and hence burn calories and fat more competently.

It is advisable to integrate HIIT sessions in your regular workout system because it will increase the amount of body fat burned, as well as increase metabolism.

Lift weights more often


Any form of training will improve your metabolic rate as a result of having to maintain more lean muscle mass. This means that muscle tissue will burn more calories than fat tissues. Loss of muscle mass will cause a reduction in the metabolic rate. It is, therefore, important to increase muscle mass using strength and resistance training. I

t is also advisable to workout outside, as the environment and clean, fresh air will contribute to higher metabolism through improved blood circulation.The use of post workout snacks such as almased diet protein shakes will also bring about increased metabolism. This is because the protein shakes assist in muscle recovery and building.

Increase the level of caffeine intake


This should, however, be done in moderation because your body can develop a resistance to caffeine. Caffeine can be used as a temporary metabolism booster in small doses of between two to four cups a day.

When combined with a healthy breakfast, this can increase your metabolic rate throughout the day. It enhances the level of adrenaline produced in the body, which assists in the process of breaking down fat tissues.

Do not starve yourself


Be careful not to cut back on calories too much as this will lead to lower metabolism. It is important to break down meal rations into five or six small servings throughout the day instead of three heavy meals. Smaller rations are easily broken down by the body leading to higher energy release because the body’s metabolism will always be active. 

It is important to avoid foods that have high levels of sodium, sugar, and preservatives and alternatively go for those rich in proteins, vitamin B, iron, and magnesium, which will discharge more energy.  Also, go for natural foods like fruits and vegetables. To know about the importance of consuming natural and healthy foods, take a look at this infographic.

Jump Starting Your Metabolism

Stay hydrated


Drinking about 1.5 liters of water daily will increase your metabolism and general body function. It will assist especially when you are not so active. Even mild dehydration will cause your metabolic rate to slow down. Cold water will increase metabolism even higher because of the energy expended to warm the water to the body’s core temperature.

Add spices to your diet


Spices such as cayenne, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric increase the production of fat and calorie burning hormones in the body.

They boost the metabolic rate temporarily and helps burn more energy while the body is in stasis.

Get enough rest


Getting enough rest is important because it gives the body enough time to recover and rebuild muscle and body tissue.

It also keeps the levels of stress low and since stress is one of the leading causes of low metabolism. It is essential to sleep well in order to increase metabolic rates.


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