Design of your bed room with Egyptian cotton bedding

Design of your bed room with Egyptian cotton bedding

This is the time of the year when discounts and deals are offered on wholesale prices of Egyptian cotton sheets. Wholesalers and sellers have stocks of these products and can ship them in 2-3 days. This is the time when hotels, resorts, guest homes and other huge facilities position orders and stock up on bed linen. Besides Egyptian cotton bed sheets, numerous shops concentrating on the sale of duvet cover sets and bed mattress pads are available in stores online. You can request for quotes when you make bulk purchases of over $ 5000.

The majority of bed sheets are made from cotton as cotton breathes and is comfy. Egyptian cotton fiber is long lasting and silky-soft. Each time Egyptian cotton products are washed they get softer. Egyptian cotton products are priced depending on their thread count. Thread counts are referred to the number of threads used in one square inch. Usually products with greater thread counts are considered as excellent quality. Egyptian cotton sheets made with double or triple ply thread are thought about as bad quality; the objective is to cut corners. When you are looking for good quality Egyptian bedding, single ply thread is the very best.

There are a number of things you need to understand when selecting a mattress pad. A mattress pad is normally made from foam and is placed on top of a bed mattress to offer heat and convenience. The density of the bed mattress pad is very crucial. The thicker the pad, the more comfortable the user is. Bed mattress pads are available in sizes for twin, complete, queen and king size mattresses and the expenses varies from $ 50 to $ 800. The inexpensive pads are not tough and the comfort rapidly fades. Low-cost pads benefit short-term use like visitor beds.


Bed linen sets generally soften and boost the bedroom decoration. They are available in a range of material, colors and prints. The embroidered sets are stunning and stylish. The ones with the highest thread count have a smooth shine and provide a sensation of gentleness. Egyptian cotton and percale are considered the finest materials for duvet covers. While Egyptian cotton is long lasting, smooth and softens with washing, percale is a mix of polyester and great cotton is resilient and fold resistance. Easy to preserve, these sets can be device washed and tumble dried. Bed linen sets come in all sizes with matching pillow covers. Enhance the appeal and design of your bed room with matching bed linen, curtains and rugs.

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