live well with chronic illness

How to live well with chronic illness

What is Chronic illness

Chronic illness is human health condition or disease which is usually non-curable and long lasting. Some examples of chronic illness are heart disease, diabetes and stroke and respiratory problems. So its important to take charge of your health and manage these conditions to lead a fulfilling life.

Sheehan’s Syndrome – It’s a health condition that occurs in woman who bleeds severely during child birth. Severe bleeding cause tissue in the pituitary gland to die. This gland is at the base of the brain which impact hormonal imbalance. This disease is very rare.

Symptoms of sheehan’s syndrom are fatigue, less breast milk production, lack of menstrual bleeding, low blood pressure etc.

Relapsing Polychondritis – It is also a rare disorder. It usually associated with immune disorders which is characterized with inflammation of connective tissues which can involve many organs. It can includes joints, ear, nose, heart, blood vessels etc. It usually happen in the age group of 40 to 50 but can also happen in other age groups. Male or female can be equally affected.

Some common symptoms are weight loss, dizziness, ear pain or nasal pain, difficulty talking etc.

Disability Insurance – It is a form of insurance that insures the beneficiary’s earned income against the risk of disability happened any time and beneficiary become unable to continue work. statistics shows that in USA disabling accidents occur on average every second. Even approx 18% of Americans are living with disability. It can be of long term or short term.

Shortcuts To Living With A Chronic Illness – 

There is no reason to be depressed and wait for the worst things to happen. we should spend our time on blessings and things we got and how best we can enjoy it. There are few tips which will help us to deal with chronic illness and live a better life

  • Let go of the blame – No worries why are we not able to recover even when we are trying hard. learn to treat yourself with compassion and begin to free yourself from unnecessary sufferings
  • Distinguish yourself from your illness – There are many stress reduction courses where such techniques are taught. here you will learn how to separate your pain from yourself. First step to start is Stop thinking that you are sick.
  • Address envy – Find the joy in the joy of other close ones. Ideas is to be happy with friends and family. Start enjoying small moments with them.
  • Do prayers as it relatives pains
  • Let go of expectations

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