How to keep dogs away from the Christmas tree

How to keep dogs away from the Christmas tree

The much awaited Christmas holidays are upon us and like every year the stores are filled with people trying buy Christmas trees, presents and equipment to choose the best decorations that will make their homes be filled with Christmas spirit and help make a perfect Christmas decoration. But, sometimes, under the roof of the house dwells our four-legged friends doing something that could turn into an unpleasant situation, such as finding the tree Christmas overturned or under the same tree, finding the needs of our pet . So let’s see how to overcome these problems and keep the dogs away from the tree of Christmas.

One of the main reasons why we feel inclined to hold our friend away from the tree , is because, as you know, dogs love marking their territories with dog poop and pee.To avoid this you can use a toxic spray that smells unpleasant to dogs, in most cases, this usually works, but in a case where this method does not work, one can use plastic bottles, filled with water and is l positioned at the base of the Christmas tree. Dogs that approach the bottle will see its own deformed reflection and turn away in fright. Sometimes, however, it can be unsightly to see bottles under the Christmas tree, so a good idea may be to decorate them. For the same reason, otherwise, it may be helpful to place mirrors, which also serves as decoration, to the base of the tree helping to turn your dog away from the tree.

Many people are blessed with dogs that can listen to commands. If you have a trained dog that you are sure listens to orders, then you could as well threaten it not to get close to the tree giving it a formidable reason.

Another little trouble that our dog can do to make an unpleasant situation is it overturn the Christmas tree. Therefore it is advisable to position the Christmas tree close to a wall, it is even better if it is in a corner of the room and maybe hanging on the ceiling or wall. A trick to keep in mind, to help protect the health of the dog and also our Christmas lights, is to use tubes to protect the cable wrapping the strands of Christmas lights and thus, gives our pet the urge to resist using its teeth in any way. For security reasons also, it is desirable to use unbreakable decoration materials such as wood, cardboard or placing the breakable decorations at the upper parts of the Christmas tree.

A very sure way to keep dogs away from the Christmas tree would be to lock the dog up in its cage if there is one for it, or chain the dog outside so as to prevent it from coming in to cause an unexpected ruckus. It is true we prefer our dog to be with us in the house on the day of Christmas but you will have to implement these ideas if you do not want any form of Christmas trouble from your pet.

In conclusion, dogs are sensitive to Christmas lights, they could look at these lights and see the stars and would want to touch them, just as we see the beautiful stars and want to hug them. So preventing this with the ideas given above will help keep dogs away, it is also to protect them.

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