feng-shuiHow To Have A Good Sleep According to Feng Shui

Your environment is an essential factor for the quality of sleep you get. The design of your room could determine how well and how long your sleep would be at night. If there isn’t too much clutter, ill-fitting furniture, or distracting devices, then you wouldn’t need to worry about losing some good sleep.

With the right arrangement, your bedroom can improve the quality of your sleep and eventually enhance the relationship you have with yourself. And to achieve just that, feng shui might help by balancing the energies in the room.

When your space has good quality chi, it can also support your health and a general sense of well-being. Here are some useful feng shui tips to help you have a better sleep and an improved physical and mental state.

  • Have proper bed placement


All feng shui practitioners would agree that locating a commanding position in a particular space is key to good energy flow. That is why it is also essential to place your bed in a command center.

Make sure your bed is not in line with the door to your room. It is also vital that the door is in front of you when you are lying down in bed. And it is important that the space on either side of your bed equal each other.

Those arrangements will put you in a secure and safe area within the bedroom and, in turn, provide a sense of stability. Overall, you will create balance in the room once you make your bed its commanding point.

  • Get a queen bed

Either a full or queen bed can bring you a good night’s rest. According to feng shui, the space that the bed offers allows the proper circulation of chi.

And if you have a partner, the queen bed has the perfect size that can create a sense of togetherness. Twin beds would be constricting for a couple while King size beds would be too spacious, and could encourage distance rather than promote intimacy.

  • Use a sturdy headboard


Feng shui principles push for the utilization of a sturdy headboard, one without any bars or holes, as it will stabilize the bed and foster a stable connection between you and your partner. If you are single, a sturdy headboard will help you attract a secure relationship.

You shouldn’t worry too if a new headboard sounds like something that’s currently beyond your budget. In place of a headboard, you can use additional large pillows instead. Put these behind the ones you use for sleeping, and they’ll make a comfortable alternative.

  • Keep it clutter-free

Most of us tend to store some stuff that we rarely use underneath our beds. And whether it’s intentional or not, most of what we keep beneath our beds are clutter.

Feng shui tells us that the energy from our materials can transfer to us. So if we don’t organize our things well, the energy wouldn’t be as favorable as we would prefer it to be when it shifts to us.

Practitioners of feng shui would advise everyone to organize our room so good energy would flow as smoothly as possible while we rest for the night. That way, we’d wake up feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated than ever.

  • An excellent bedding could mean great sleep


Choosing a bedding isn’t something you should disregard. When you use something you are naturally drawn to, which makes you feel good, you will have better chances at having a good sleep.

While the design would depend on you, it is also best to consider the fabric. Organic cotton sheets are breathable and often toxin-free. Those sheets will help you sleep well under the right temperature for your body.

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Soft pillows and blankets also create a cozy atmosphere that’s conducive for sleeping. However, you have to make sure you’re using the right kind of beddings that would help you sleep in the best position where you wouldn’t have to wake up with body pain.

  • Go with colors that are relaxing

Colors play a significant role in any space as they set the mood for people within the room. Since a bedroom is an area that should help you relax, it is best to go with earth tones. Colors such as brown, blue, white, and green are the best ones to use for your sleeping quarters.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, when we see the color blue, our heart rate slows down and eventually prepares our body to go into a relaxed mode. Earth tones are soothing to look at and will not energize more than we’d prefer during bedtime. If you prefer warmer or brighter hues, you can use them only as accents to your room.


Arranging your bedroom according to feng shui principles will enhance the function of your space, which is mainly to provide relaxation through a good quality sleep. If you incorporate the right elements by making sure you have the proper furniture placement and design, you can expect better sleep and an improved overall health and well-being.

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