How to Dress like a Tomboy

How to Dress like a Tomboy

Some girls love to live like a tomboy, to dress like a tomboy. Well, it’s everyone’s choice how she wants to look like. But the question is how to look, how to dress like a tomboy? There is nothing hard to look like a tomboy, just wear cool and menswear. There should be t-shirts, hats, shirts and denims in your wardrobe. Apply these simple tips to get tomboy look.

You may have a tomboy look –

You can borrow from Boys –

If you want a tomboy look, you should borrow your clothes from the boys. A boyish jeans have a crooked fit that makes girls ideal for cuffing. Girls should wear these jeans with a V-neck T-shirt, baseball cap and canvas shoes. This dress is boyish but trust me still you will look cute. And if you are not satisfied yet, you can borrow a boyish cardigan.You can try a navy blue cardigan with white cargo pants, or can also try a gray cardigan with a boyish jeans. It will give you a casual tomboy look definitely.

Go Energetic –

First you need to avoid heels and ballet flats. In fact, you should go for athletic shoes. It will give you a more tomboy look. You can also try white canvas shoes with denim shorts and black tank top. If you are wearing a boyish jeans and white casual t-shirt, you can go with red high top sneakers.

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You can also opt printed canvas shoes, if you are wearing a white V-neck T-shirt and Denim skirt. It will also give you a tomboy look. If you don’t like to wear tennis shoes or sneakers, you can elect combat boots. Combat boots will look good with a boyish sweater and a skinny but comfortable jeans.

Hair and Make-up –

If you want to look like a tomboy, you need to have right makeup and hair. A ponytail or other polished style can help you to ignore your beauty and give you a tomboy look. What about the makeup? Just keep your face fresh with nominal foundation and thin eyeliner.

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Button-up Shirt –

The another way to look like a tomboy is the floral print or gingham button-up shirt. In fact, if you wear button-up shirt in a solid color with a jeans and jackets, it will also give you tomboy style.

Choose a Hoodie –

Hoodies can also give you a tomboy look. Zip-up hoodies or formal sweatshirts are best for tomboy in winters. A dark color (especially black) hoodie will keep you warm and also give a boyish look.

Harem Pants –

A homey pair of Harem Pants may give you a tomboy look. You can wear a tan (brownish, beige, drab) color shoes or strappy sandals with Harem pants in the summer.

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Black Trousers – 

Black Trousers sounds boring. But if you wear well-fitted black trousers, it will give you a perfect tomboy look. And if you add an oversized shirt or jacket with it, you will look more cute with even tomboy style.

These above are the ways to dress like a tomboy.

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