Eliminate Risk of Mold

Eliminate Risk of Mold by Cleaning Water damage


Mold are the kind of spores which may enter our home through windows , doors, ac or through heating systems also . Mold spores quickly grow into the colonies when they get into the contact of water.But mostly mold spores are thrives on moisture.

  1. Mold can grow in our homes through any kind of food source like wood , drywall ,cotton etc.
  2. Mold can grow easily in the absence of ultra violet light.
  3. As we know that mold can’t grow in the freezing temperatures so, another reason behind the growth of mold in our houses is the warmth temperature.
  4. Several other reasons like humidity , moisture can cause mold in the homes.
  5. The key cause of mold growth in our homes is moisture in today’s time.
  6. Natural disasters like floods etc are also responsible for mold growth in our locality , houses etc.
  7. More , the water used at the foundation of houses / buildings at the time of construction of any house/buildings.
  8. The most often reason of mold in our homes are our wet clothes too.Many times we left our clothes wet which can create humidity or moisture and can create mold .                                                      


When somebody is caused by the disease like allergy or etching on his/her body then this is an indication that molds may be growing somewhere around you.Apart if a person suddenly started sneezing or his eyes sore or constantly running nose of a person are the several reasons of growing molds in your homes or near your homes /in your locality.                                                        

HOW TO REMOVE MOLD                                               

Given below are the points to remove mold /or we can say mold remediation process-

  •  As we know that the key cause of growing molds is moisture.So first of all we need to learn about the moisture for proper mold remediation.Just try to know that from where moisture comes and how it gets into our homes .
  • In the second step , you need to make a written plan regarding the mold for further application as per your calculation regarding contamination.
  • If the building leaks then fix leaky plumbings as soon as possible in the building.
  • Always try to keep the drip pans clean of air conditioning , ventilation or heating.
  • Try to maintain the indoor humidity very low , ideally it is considered to be 30-50%.
  • Just try to clean and dry wet spots in next 48 hours.
  • More you can take the help of specialist if you are not sure of the item which is very expensive or attached to you emotionally.Like you may consider a specialist in furniture repair , restoration or molds on furniture .
  • You can also keep with yourself protective equipment to clean up the mold .

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