Hilarious Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

Hilarious Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

When my kids stubborn for ice-cream or when they run out for ice-cream than I told them the ice-cream van when play a music only. So, it was a Hilarious Lies Parents Tell Their Kids.

When my daughter after watching Barney every thrice a day than I told my daughter that Barley has blocked & the channel has blocked. So, it was a Hilarious Lies Parents Tell Their Kids.

When my child doing devilish or stubborn for anything than I told him that santa was fat because he eats naughty kids.

When I go to take grocery with my kid and  she stubborn for candy than I told to her these candies by the register at the stores is left over because its too old. So the manufacturers can come back and pick up because these went bad.

When the first time my daughter lost her tooth, I didn’t hear alarm in the night. When I woke up very disappointed to 5 years old. Than I just told to her the tooth fairy doesn’t work in the holidays.

When my son asked, mom why we had came grandma home, I told him like that because your grandma gonna grow back out of the people farm. So we get to see her again.

Hilarious Lies Parents have told their unsuspecting kids

When my kid weeping or crying than I just used to tell her that every time  she bumped her head, it make her smarter. So it kept her from crying.

When my son eat my vitamin’s chocolates than I used to tell him that he would grow breasts. Than he scared or his face looking like terrified.

When I was child my mom said like this when you told lied your tongue turned purple. One she caught me unmistakable lie. After that I ate grape popsicle. Than I ran towards the mirror & began apologized until I cry. After that day Never I lied again. So, it was a Hilarious Lies Parents Tell Their Kids.

When my kids stubborn for watching Caillou, than I usually told them she has made them up in their imagination and it was not show had ever seen.

There are some more Hilarious Lies Parents Tell Their Kids:

I usually these tricks for my kids that is a rule of the world’ that if you have start eat the skin of the apple when you are 5 years old.

When we went to the park with our kids there was a huge storm drain my kid was trying go inside that, than I told him there was a bad clown live in this drain for eating the kids. I finally pretend because he was super excited for going inside that. So, it was a Hilarious Lies Parents Tell Their Kids. Your relationship with husband impact kids

I told my kids if they didn’t start behaving the birds were going to got him. I was not sure why birds anymore but they actually stopped being a butt head.

I used to tell my kids for brush their teeth really good, for clean teeth paid for fairy tooth extra. So, it was a Hilarious Lies Parents Tell Their Kids.

I used to tell my kids that there was a sugar fairy came on Halloween night and take half candy. Than they think and leave as a gift.

When my son in class 10th than I said him just like that it’s a moment study hard my son for this year & for the rest of the life live like a king.

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