Handmade Christmas gift ideas

Handmade Christmas gift ideas

Handmade Christmas gift ideas shows that you are ready to spend time on something to make someone happy and this is an attribute of the Christmas spirit. Here are a few handmade crafts that can be used as a gift for Christmas ;

Necklace to give to your brother, boyfriend or friend, easy to make

Attentively, finding a craft to give to a child is usually quite difficult, so I bring you a necklace that is very easy to make and pretty cool, very wearable for women. This is a pendant with a nut and is very easy to do. Pay particular attention to how to tie the leather cord and how to suit the length you want.

You can find videos of this on YouTube


Making necklaces with pictures, starfish, lace covered resin

Come on, the batteries need to be expensive to make crafts to sell at Christmas markets and to give to friends, Invisible amigos, uncle Noel, Reyes and others. I bring you a little tutorial on making resin necklaces

To make them, you’ll need:

– collar stand.

– jewelry pliers


– White glue

– Sponge brush

– Resin crafts and jewelry

And then it depends on what you want, you need a printer and paper, some charms, lace, bows … choose what you like.


We hope you will be excited to make one just like this for your friends (or sisters or girlfriends or mothers …). They will like it. You can also get tutorials on this from YouTube


A book shelf as shelf

As lovers of literature and books as a physical object, we love crafts and DIY projects that have books. Making a book shelf is extremely easy if you know what you’re doing, it is especially cool for an office, but it can also look good in the living room.

It’s a great craft to sell. If you are the going to fix it for someone, make sure he has a good space and it fits into his home, otherwise it will really be uncomfortable in the home.


Hanger made of old piece of wood and different shooters

Christmas, though not enough, is just around the corner, less than two months to go crazy with gifts. You are thinking of making handmade gifts for your friends, partners and family, as it will save you money and can be as valid as anything bought.Also,it will be appreciated, the efforts you have put in it showing your time and dedication will be noticed.

For example, you can give a girl this hanger for her bags and jackets.It is made up of a piece of old handles of (drawers and doors) woods of different styles. Adapt your tastes slightly depending on whether you like a more modern decor or, however, has home or vintage touch. When you are finished, it will be worth the time.


Square ring made of macramé, craft gift (Video)

Making a ring for someone on Christmas is nice. learn to make a square ring macramé by just tying a thread, not even a base or support is needed for the ring.

It’s a great craft, both to give and to sell, the craftsmanship and detail of this unique piece of jewelry will be appreciated. You can find tutorials on YouTube


Making a headband with leather strap, rope and chain

Are you looking for a craft to give to a friend or sister for Christmas gift? It is pretty easy to create. To do this braided headband, you need:

Gum of hair


String or shoelaces

Ball chain


DIY mobile covers three very easy to make

It’s great how you can reuse and recycle certain materials we use and convert them into other useful objects. For example, we can reuse the cardboard of a cereal pack or the disposable cup of coffee and make covers for phones. This is a very nice craft and will definitely be appreciated.

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