Giant Water Lilies

Giant Water Lilies

Flowers are those fragrant objects which put the life into whether these are used for any festival or for any special occasion . To express our feelings and emotions as well , we can use flowers for example – to say thank you to someone , to apologize someone and many more expressions are there which we humans convey with the help of these different kinds of flowers . Among all categories of flowers , water lily is the most popular and adore flower to be used at special occasions and moments. Lily itself is a wide variety kind of flower found in different colors and variations.

As the word water is used in its name so we can easily get to know that it is a kind of plant which grows in ponds and streams . In other words we can say that it is an aquatic plant.If we consider the biography of water lilies then as per the researches made , the first water lily plant was found in England . Accidentally , the first hybrid of this plant came into existence through a glass house which was named in a person whose name was duke.The person with the name Edmund Sturtevant  discovered its first hybrid in the year 1876.The family of water lily is known by the name Nymphaeaceae

If we talk about the species of plants , then there are around 58 species of water-lily plants to be found in the world in different genera.Most of the flower species have male reproductive structures while other species flowers to influence insects pollinators open either in the morning or in the evening.

The 12 inches lily flowers remain opened all the day and get closed only after the sunset. Such kind of water-lily flowers have very strong fragrance like the smell we get when lots of apples get crushed together.The most amazing feature of this water-lily plant is that it changes its color daily.Among all the categories of water lily – white water lily , red water lily and yellow water lily are the most popular ones .

White water lily plant – The popular names of white lily are white lotus , European white water lily etc.The family by which this flower is addressed is water lily family.White water lily has floating leaves with a very strong root. The most often flower time for this plant for providing flowers varies June to august.Ducks eat the seeds of white water lily plant while the leaves of this plant is consumed by deer , beaver etc.

Red water lily plant– Red water lilies are known by the name Nymphaea which means almost black. The size of these flowers varies from 5 to 8 inches.Red water lilies are required either full or partial sunlight to grow.The color of the leaves of these flowers is green and the shape probably found is rounded.

Yellow water lily plant– This plant is famous by various names like yellow pond lily , cow lily and many more.The family which it addressed is water lily family. The height of this plant is found from 1.5 to 10 ft. This flower is in lakes , ponds , rivers and streams etc.It has floating leaves with string root stocks.The flowering time of yellow water lilies varies from June to august.The key feature of yellow pond lily plant is to provide feeding especially to fish , water insects , frogs ,snakes and other water living creatures.

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