Gemini Yearly Horoscope 2016

Gemini Yearly Horoscope 2016

This year will be a fantastic one for you as you reach more nearer to your goals and achieve them. New career opportunities are on the cards, you may also consider adding to your family and take extra care of your family members. But this year, you should not push too hard.

With so much coming in your way, you will be however, find it difficult to organize and priorities things, especially at your workplace due to the opposing effect of Neptune on Jupiter and Saturn. So just to keep things in control, you must maintain records and keep back up files handy. The month of May will be very favorable for you as you will be under the direct influence of Jupiter, the planet of luck. Mars will have a positive impact on you throughout this year and you will be more assertive and influencing and also proactive while dealing with business ties, partnerships or in your relationships with your boss or people of authority. But it’s important that you portray humility in your dealings or you may risk losing some persons.

It will be a very romantic year for you. Good news will follow for people who are single, chances are there that you will meet that special person and the relationship will be for long term. Venus will be in the area of relationships and long terms, so you will get ample opportunities to get into a relationship. The Sun will make a very favorable angle with Saturn and we will have very fulfilling relationships. You will enjoy the company of people you love and they will be enjoying your playfulness. So, you will have a fulfilling relationship with your loved ones. We will be basking in the warmth of new relationships and old. But you must remember that Saturn also makes sure that you achieve your fortune, so you will learn quite a few lessons in your relationships. You must deal with people by putting yourself in their shoes and towards the end of this quarter you will be experiencing more intimacy in your professional relationships. But Neptune will have an opposing angle with Saturn and create misunderstandings in your relationships. So it is very important that you understand things from others’ point of view and not try to be defensive for the greater cause.

The solar ellipse in the month of March will prove to be very fruitful for you. You will feel optimistic and will feel strongly about your ambitions and it will be the perfect time to chase your dreams. The position of Libra will reward your creativity and you should make the most out of any opportunity that crosses you to showcase your talent.

The last part of the quarter of the year will bring some good news in relation to money matters. You may experience sudden inflow of money. But this year communications will play a major part of your life and in spite of your busy schedule and in pursuit of your dreams, you must not neglect your relationships.

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