Fun stuff to do in Traffic Jam

Fun Stuffs to do in a Traffic Jam

Usually, When we drive a car or ride a bike or scooter, we stuck in a Traffic Jam. But what can we do in a Traffic Jam?? Nothing!! We just can get bore. Yes this is old and unpreventable moment to stuck in a Traffic Jam every working day in your life. Here are some fun things which you can do, while in a Traffic Jam.

Listen Music

Keep Good collection of your favorite music so that when next time you stuck in traffic Jam, you can get chance to listen your favorite music. Life is too busy to get time to listen music these days. and it is not wise to leave this chance where we are on road and can not do much, why not enjoy listening music.

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Join the Radio

Start the radio in your car, and sing a song along with the radio at the loud voice and dance around your seat, if possible. You are never going to see people in Traffic Jam again you.

Record yourself

You can record or dub your own funny videos or audios because you are on your own vehicle. If you are in anyone else’s vehicle, so what?? You are making the people laugh. Why don’t you start it?????

Listen Books in app

Many people do not like reading, specially in tablets or phones. There are many apps available in market which read books for us. Many have recorded version of books and some have reading application for text. Using them you can listen your favorite book.

Play Interesting Games

There are many interesting games for iPhone which you can play online or download on your phone. You can also play board games if you have them with you and you are two or three in your car by using billboards, license plates and signboards or anything else in your way. You will have to clearly recognize each letter for the group. Every person must find a new origin for a new letter, nobody can repeat the group. The person who will complete the A-Z alphabets first, will win.

Watch movies

Movie lovers can watch movie in their tablets

Change Clothes

You can change your clothes while stuck in a Traffic Jam. I have seen lots of men to do this. In fact, I have seen women also to do this and seriously it will be a great fun.

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Dust off Your deck

Do you remember, last time when you cleaned your car deck? Now you stuck in traffic jam and have spare time, why not dust off your car deck.

Start Dancing

You can play the music in your car, get out from the car and start dancing. It seems a joke, but we are here to do only some fun stuffs. Encourage the other people to dance with you. This is the another way to escape from getting bored in Traffic Jam.

Jump into the Jeep 

The first Jeep you see, you jump into that jeep and ask to front sitters that where are we going?? They will get shock and it will become part of the fun.

Phone calls

Yes, there is a rule that you can not engage with your phone on call, while you are driving a car. But, there is no rule that you can not use your phone in a traffic jam. So take advantage of it, and call your mom, dad, friends or your loved ones.

Selfie Photo Session

You can comb your hair, wear lipstick and brush your cheeks then take a selfie by coming out from the car. You can take selfie near the car which is most beautiful on the road that time upload it on the facebook. Then you can start counting that how many likes you will get till the signals turn red. It must be a competition that you will get more likes or that car??? LOL!!!!

What did you do last time you were stuck in traffic. We know you did not come out of the car and did not do this type of fun shits. Let’s try these stuffs and enjoy the traffic jam..


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