Florida “Statewide Yard” Sale Trail

The First Ever Florida “Statewide Yard” Sale Trail

Florida – The Florida Sale Trail, a Florida-wide community garage sale event kicking off the second Saturday in November, together Florida communities from all over the state for a joint goal of community bonding, the redistribution of unneeded yet useful items and recycling, and reusing or re-purposing for a profit. Born from a passion for uniting all the cities and communities across the vastly diverse state of Florida; Florida Sale Trail will bring prospective tourist and consumer interest to all participating locations.

“Everyone knows the big Florida names, like Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, etc.,” said Joey Smith, Trail Builder for the Florida Sale Trail. “But most people don’t know the smaller towns, and although they aren’t home to world class beaches or Disney World, it doesn’t mean they don’t have their own rich cultural history and unique landmarks to share with the world. The Florida Sale Trail will be the perfect way for them to showcase their unique beauty.”

By participating in the Florida Sale Trail, communities will have access to the fully integrated social media and digital marketing components of the statewide event. Already popular on social media, Florida Sale Trail has thousands of followers across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, Tumblr, Google+, and more. The community exposure opportunities are endless.

“Connecting with residents across the state, promoting communities, stimulating local economies and keeping stuff out of landfills is part of the fun and charm of joining this adventure,” said Smith. “So come join us beginning November 12, 2016!”

The Florida Sale Trail will officially commence November 12, 2016. All participating communities need to register prior to the official event date. For communities with less than 5,000 pop it is only $99 for their unique tag and webpage and social media connections and only $149 for communities over 5,000 pop.

Businesses along the route can participate as well. Listed under these four categories: Accommodations; Food and Treats; Places to See and Marketplace for $49 per business providing them similar resources to the communities involved.

For more information, or to register today, contact: FST@trailsale.com.