Education is essential

How Education is essential for Human-Being

Hello Everyone,

As we know that education is the process of taking or giving organized instruction or rules. It is especially an enlightening experience, which one can generally receive in schools or universities. Today Education is essential for human-being.

Illiterate people never knows the meaning of etiquettes, table-manners and politeness. So here we are telling that how Education is essential part of the life for everyone….


1. Education is important because it provides people the skills to survive as a human-being in the world. These skills include literacy, etiquettes, ability to communicate with each-other and proficiency to earn money for the family.

Education develops our society and an educated society only can motivate a person to be educated. Not only that person who goes to school or college, is an educated person. In fact, the real educated person is the one who knows how to take correct decision in a particular situation, time and with the equipments.


2. Education is not only about speaking, it’s about common-sense. A person who can take decisions about his life, can choose their good or bad, can build his character and can share their thoughts with others, is called a literate person. The only motive behind the education is to establish real relationships, not only with the people, but with people and society.

A better education is necessary for everyone to succeed. The apparatus of education are classified into three terms: Primary Education, Secondary Education and Higher Secondary Education.


3. A child get education first at their home, because parents are the first teacher of a child. Our parents tell us the importance of education. We become educated by the motivation or inspiration of our parents and teachers. They are our real wellwisher, because they help us to let our life go towards the success.

Today, there are lots of governmental schemes going on to promote education, so everyone can get right education. We can get anything good, by using education. The higher level of education help people to create their identity and maintain it among the family and society. It provides you respect from others.


4. In rural areas, people are less educated. So to make aware them about education, people advertise through T.V. advertisements, posters and newspapers etc. In rural areas, people don’t want to be educated, because they don’t know the real meaning of education.

Long time ago, education was not everyone’s cup of tea, because it was so hard and costly. So people could not afford the higher secondary education. People were very different and unequal that time. High cast people got higher educations and lower cast people could not get the right education.


5. Today in this competitive society, everyone needs to get education. Education is essential to get right job or to earn a good amount of money. If you have aptitude towards any other curricular activity like, sports, dance, singing, etc, so you can continue it with your education.

Today, the pattern of education has been fully changed. Now after 12th you can continue your studies with your job also, through correspondence or distance learning.


6. Education plays a vital role in our life to give a shape to our carrier. We can not ignore the importance of education in any situation. Real or higher education makes us civilians to live in the society. We should learn every time anything from our teachers, elders and parents.

To go to school and to get education is essential for every person. We all have taken birth similarly on same planet though, we do not get same opportunities for these impersonal educations due to lack of money and lack of education of our parents. The person get right education, is able in the eyes of society.


7. Our aim to be educated should be to help to other weak and helpless people of society. Education is that unbelievable power, which helps us to keep away from any other arch, to maintain self-esteem, to provide new possibilities and opportunities, to be problem preventive and to be great decision maker.

It helps us to maintain balance among body, brain and soul. With the key of education, anyone can open the locks of success. Due to lack of education, most of the people waste their time in hard work for food. Therefore, education is necessary for better and healthy life.

8.  Education helps us to keep ourselves healthy, to upgrade our financial conditions, to earn money, to maintain peace in the society, to take off poverty, to eliminate sex discrimination, to increase the women and girls security rights, to remove corruption, to make aware about elemental rights.

The actual meaning of education is not to do hard work and get good result though, it is a welfare for the whole world.


Conclusion: We need an education, which can build our character, increase our power, develop our mental as well as intellectual ability and we can stand on our own feet.