Easy Home Decorating Ideas on Budget

Easy Home Decorating Ideas on Budget

Everybody wants their home to look great and always try to change the things and add new things to their room to make it look better and beautiful.

It’s quite easy and fun to do home decoration on budget. There are handful of tips which you can use in combination with each other based on your taste of colors and all.

  • Multiple of your and family photos – collect all your best photos with your family on vacation and special moments. You can hang them on your wall in artistic ways. Center of the photographs should be 57 inches above the floor as per Gallery method of decoration.
  • Decorating Mirror – Mirrors are available in many shapes and sizes with various designs on its edge for decorating homes. Mirror gives a bigger look to the room due to mirror image and give elegant look. Vintage mirrors are in trends these days.
  • Change Lamp Shades – Just change lamp shades and it totally change look of your room. It can find many lamp shades in online stores in variety
  • Fake Sheepskin – Fake sheep skin rugs are good idea to decorate rooms. It can be placed under coffee table or near the bed in the bedroom. It can also be hung on wall or laid on couch.
  • You can paint the sides of drawers and doors with colorful colors for colorful look.
  • Use your old jewelry which do not use anymore and use these as curtain ties. It looks beautiful on curtains.
  • Add dot stickers all over on your wall …there are many available in market like… stars drops or dots sticker in market. You can make it lyric wall by pasting lyric signs on wall. you can come up with many more creative ideas like this.
  • Candles are also give elegant look to the room. You can use your crockery …like round pot or glass and put your candle inside it.
  • DIY flower base masterpieces. You can make one by yourself or buy from market based on yourchoice of colors.
  • Wall decoration using paper flowers. search google for DIY paper flowers, make a bunch of these and hang on wall
  • Change the sheets of your bed…buy some different color. Use ruffle bed skirts and bed spreads to give shabby chic look with matching ruffly curtains.
  • Use throw pillows on your bed and couch. There are many options available in market…from vintage to ethnic to digital printed to hand-painted … or embroidered…. you can go for cotton or silk … satin or may be shabby chic chiffon. or velvet shams look good as well.
  • Painted bottle vase – get some waste bottles in different shapes and sizes and color them plain or in multiple colors… mix and match… and showcase.
  • You can make round or square rugs from waste t-shirts. If you do not know how to, you can buy one from market. These are available in many colors, shapes and designs in market.

So what are you waiting for…. share your ideas with us and be creative and decorate your home in budget.

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